Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Porsche 356A Outlaw & Ford GT LM in Gulf livery…

A couple more new models to show, one you have seen, but now with the correct wheels, and another with a new wing and a new outfit.

Let’s start with the Porsche 356A.  Well, the 356A Outlaw.  This Outlaw is technically an Emory, which is essentially a classic Porsche with current race and rally accessories.  I am sure there are many out there that can define it better than I can.  This one debuts as an homage to the great, dreaded Porsche guru Magnus Walker.  Instagram photos of Magnus with the Hot Wheels crew a few months back was a pretty good sign that something was in the works, and the result is fantastic.  And we don’t think the Magnus Walker/Hot Wheels relationship will stop there.  The casting is tremendous, and now we can see it with its correct wheels:

This is actually more welcome than the Top Gun Porsche slated for Retro Entertainment that was, for some reason, scrapped.  Whatever the reason, this hardtop 356A makes up for it and then some.

Another 2016 highlight to look forward to is the return of the Ford GT LM.  This model has always been a favorite, and in Gulf livery it looks stunning.

Gulf livery can make almost any vehicle look cool, but on a model like this it is stunning.  One other thing to note, the GT LM has followed the path of many other models and been modified to include a metal wing.  Not surprising, but still a bummer.  The wing now looks a little exaggerated, and as many collectors are learning, especially we DLMer’s, these wings love paint chips.  Oh well, I might have to buy a couple.

2016 is shaping up very nicely so far.  No doubt there is a lot more coming…

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  1. Plus, this baby blue is too thick and kinda hides much of the details. I had a hard time finding a good Corvette ZR1 and it still came with a bad paintjob. May replace it if a find a better one.

    Anyways, this GT is coming to the collection.

  2. After a decade of begging MB to do a 356 in any form, we now get it as a HW. Bummer. Perhaps with the new realignment we might see a 356Cabrio or Speedster in the MB line.

    As for h GT, I passed on most of these because the big little wheel thing. But a Ford GT in Gulf seems like a must in the collection.


  3. For your interest….

    Emory Outlaws

    The term 356 Outlaw was a name given to The Emory's in the early 80’s because we were not afraid to install race and rally inspired accessories to a vintage Porsche. At time when full concourse restorations were at their peak and the owners were using q-tips to clean the dust out of the defrost vents, we were putting wide wheels and race numbers on our 356’s and driving them the way Porsche intended them to be driven. Now even the Porsche parade concourse events have classes for Outlaws. Emory Motorsports continues to build 356, 911, 912 and VW Outlaws for clients all over the world.

  4. Interesting. I can see the examples from this site as being inspiration for some nice custom creations, esp. models with one color paint and vintage race numbers applied.

  5. The Porsche that was scrapped for Entertainment was actually for the 48 Hours movie, not Top Gun.

    While I don't know much about classic Porsches, I do know that I like this one!

  6. Love the car and is on my buying list…
    But Sorry this is nothing to do with Magnus Walker – Urban Outlaw type of car this is def an EMORY MOTORSPORT car… they should have done a early-911 to be more Magnus Walker type of car or invite Rod Emory the legit/in the family creator of 356 and OUTlaw's

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