If you are not collecting the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT2, you should be…

It seemed an appropriate time to photograph all versions of the Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT2, for a lot of reasons.

First, we have a new version with the release of the Exotics 5-pack.  The green Porsche definitely stands out in the pack, and becomes a nice addition to the arsenal.

Second, the Porsche/Hot Wheels relationship continues to blossom.  In the coming months we will see a Porsche Toy Fair model (934), a Porsche Super TH (993), an RLC (993), and the first Magnus Walker-inspired model in the mainline (look for correct-wheel pics soon).  This is all after the Porsche Series at Walmart a few months back.  This Porsche obsession is not a bad thing at all.

Third, the Porsche kick at Hot Wheels lately is classic focused.  Once again, there is NOTHING wrong with that, but those current Porsches haven’t gotten a ton of attention.  So leave it to the Lamley hype machine.

The 911 GT2 has one feature that sets is apart – besides how good it looks.  The headlights are attached to the windshield piece.  That makes for a nice realistic look for the front, and it never has to be deco’d.  That means the rear can be done.  Add to that Porsches’ obvious fear of over-the-top graphics – hallelujah! – and you have a fleet of nice, realistic, dare I say Matchbox-esque models.

So add that to the many reasons you should collect this model.  It ALWAYS looks good.  The photos below should attest to that.  Now go get the models you don’t have, and if you look hard enough you might be able to snag the Speed Machines version for a semi-decent price.


First Edition black

First Edition grey

Mainline blue

Mainline red

Walmart exclusive

Mainline white

Speed Machines

Multipack exclusive sivler

Multipack exclusive metalflake black


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  1. The 993 and 911 GT3 Cup (model that debuted in 1998) also have the headlights molded with the window piece. All 3 of these Porsche models rank among my faces. The original P-911 and the 959 are others.

    Hope I can get the speed machines release of this one soon.

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