First Look: Hot Wheels September 5th Kmart Collector Days exclusives…

I have heard a few stories about collectors buying Kday cases online thinking they are getting the new cases.  And they aren’t.

Yes, a few of us got lucky when the cases were accidentally listed, but it was quickly corrected.  Normally the cases go on sale the week before, and in the case of the September 5th event, that means next week.  Also, if the graphic in the listing doesn’t show the upcoming cars, rest assured that is the not the new case.  From what I hear, a few of you learned that the hard way.  Hopefully you got some cool stuff in the older case.

But now we are close enough that, unless you are not near a Kmart, you can wait for Saturday.  And if you are near a Kmart, you should definitely go.  It is great for people watching, fun to open a case if you are lucky, and you can come away with some cool stuff.  That definitely applies to this event.  There are some fantastic exclusives to be had.

My opinion is that each of the four Kmart models improve on their basic counterpart.  The C10 in green is definitely better than yellow, the grey S2K is super sharp, I love the baby blue on the RX7, and the first black-and-whiet Falken car is a complete winner.

It is nice to see great model choices, as well as creative color combos on each.  Kdays should be a good event next month…

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