What is wrong with this picture?

Yesterday, during my travels for work, I came across these 3-packs at a drugstore in rural Utah:

One was at the front of the pegs, the other two buried toward the back.  Can you see what is wrong?

Take a closer look.  At first glance everything is normal.

That Firebird in green at the top looks right at home, doesn’t it?  The only problem is it is a Matchbox.

Before you pass this off as a standard “buy pack – take model – return with replaced model” scenario, let me assure you these packs were not opened.  You can always tell a homemade job, and these aren’t.  Factory sealed.

So how did a Matchbox model get in there?  I have no idea.  The reason is probably as interesting as watching paint dry, but there is an explanation out there.

Has anyone else encountered these?

11 Replies to “What is wrong with this picture?”

  1. I know many HW 3 packs lately are Thailand built.

    And are you absolutely sure they weren't opened and resealed? You'd be surprised at how good some of these can be done.

  2. Looks like the 73 firebird or the 67 firebird. Cant really tell until u open one of those up. But it does remind me of a matchbox firebird i got recently. So i could see the confusion.

  3. Once I found Sky Buster MBX plane in a HW blister.
    We in Brazil would be more than happy to see more MBX in HW disguise like those. As you may say, “goat skin wolf”, right?

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