The brand new Greenlight Hollywood Series 10 is now available at Wheel Collectors…

Just a heads up that the brand new Hollywood Series 10 from Greenlight is now available at Wheel Collectors.

I love seeing the Kill Bill packaging, and while there is a car in that movie that is more well-known – but obviously couldn’t be produced – than these two, they are both fantastic.

The real stars, however, have to be the Gas Money Garage models from the Fast N Loud TV program.  I have never watched it, but I like the models.  Methinks a lot of you will as well.

All are available here:

Greenlight Hollywood Series 10 at Wheel Collectors

Before we go, a little plug for Wheel Collectors.  I have loved working with them, and Matt and I still smile at how we both decided on a whim to partner up during the early days of the blog.  Years in, I still stand firm that WC is the best Hot Wheels/Matchbox/Greenlight seller on eBay.  They love collecting, but they take their business very seriously.  They want to make sure that everyone that deals with them is happy, and there are tons of folks out there who back that up.

I hope our Lamley readers enjoy dealing with Wheel Collectors as much as I do.  They have grown quite a bit, and should be able to provide access to a lot of great product in the years to come.

4 Replies to “The brand new Greenlight Hollywood Series 10 is now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. I do hope the Kill Bill models mean there are more Tarantino movie cars in the way. The Malibu from Pulp Fiction is one that could be easily produced as they already have the tooling set. One I'd love to see is the Death Proof Nova, even though Greenlight doesn't make the 1970 Nova. Yet.

  2. Seems to me like a lot of die cast manufacturers are really reaching to use an existing casting as a 'movie car'. “This is a scale model of the van that was parked in the neighbor's yard when that thing happened in the movie! It's a movie car!”…

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