Hey look! Hot Wheels Supercars! Acura or Lambo?

NSX or Sesto Elemento?

Well, NSX, of course.  Classic, doesn’t look like a stealth jet.  But let’s get a little clearer.

Hot Wheels NSX or Hot Wheels Sesto Elemento?

Sesto Elemento.  I have already given my opinion on the Hot Wheels NSX (although I like it better in white), and I have also given my opinion on the HW Sesto Elemento.  I love the NSX, and always have.  I could care less about the Sesto Elemento.  Those are the real cars.  Reverse it in Hot Wheels land.  That Sesto took me by surprise, especially that lovely white and lime green version.  The Acura just hasn’t done it for me, but I am thrilled that I am in the minority, and that most of you love it.  (And again, it is growing on me.)

One other thing.  White cars are awesome, but so tough to photograph.  Light green cars are nice, but a JOY to photograph.  So the Sesto wins today.

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Hot Wheels Acura NSX & Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (2015 Mainline):

10 Replies to “Hey look! Hot Wheels Supercars! Acura or Lambo?”

  1. The Sesto, i'm sorry, does not look too good in this colors compared to the other two releases. It looks like a piece of faux waxed fruit on a breakfast nook!

    The NSX is just as great in white, like the red edition. Awesome. It is pretty good as it is as a Type R because of that wing design, but would have liked it better as an authentic, mainstream factory NSX that debuted for the general public; prefer the wide, flat spoiler instead because it has a clean design that is synonymous with the original coupe body.
    Makes me wonder though… do you think they borrowed that rear end from the Porsche 959?

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