Just Unveiled: 2015 Matchbox Tesla Model S recolor in Midnight Blue…

It has been fun reading all your guesses for my Top 5 Matchbox castings.  I won’t say at this point if anyone got all five right – that comes next week with the Top 5 unveiling, but let’s just say I am touched that so many of you actually read the blog.  It makes me want to keep writing, which I love to do.

But keep those guesses coming.  Soon too I want to see what your Top 5 Matchbox models are.  And with such an active Matchbox Design Team over at Mattel watching this kind of stuff, I think we can tell them a lot about what models should make an appearance in future lines.

Among those guesses, the Matchbox Tesla Model S has been mentioned a lot.  And while I will neither confirm nor deny whether or not it is in my Top 5, I can say it would be no surprise if it is.  The model is fantastic.  And I think most collectors agree with me.  The model has fetched high prices on eBay, and sits on the pegs about as long as a Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt.

It is what Matchbox has always been, or should have always been about.  Great car to replicate, perfectly designed and executed, and beautifully decorated in a realistic color and precise details.  This doesn’t need to be a chase model to be on everyone’s want list.

Well, we are happy to report we are going to see it again.  The Tesla is being recolored in 2015, this time in dapper Midnight Blue.  The Matchbox Team provided this pic for us to admire:

It looks great, and might be even more sharp than the red version.  We will have to wait and see.  All I do know is it already has a place in the collection.  Well, all versions of the Tesla will have a place in the collection…

Your thoughts?  Who is in on the Tesla?

11 Replies to “Just Unveiled: 2015 Matchbox Tesla Model S recolor in Midnight Blue…”

  1. I like both just as equally. Problem is, even the red one has not even shown around here. I'm hoping I come upon a batch that's more recent than what's out now when I go to Walmart later.

  2. I got the red one the same day i got the Hot Wheels version. Really great model, not doubt about it, and i am really looking forward this midnight blue release.

  3. I'm in the same condition as many collectors here that couldn't be able to get the red one yet. For instances, this morning someone took the Tesla before I got there at the Target store. However.,I won't stop until I found it, and now with the blue version coming, I welcome it too.

  4. Great News! Blue version looks as good as the red one. Really hoping to see a wide range of colors on this casting. Every version is certainly going to be a big hit. The new Titanium color would be a great choice for the next version. Black is more popular color as well.

  5. John, would you do an article and compare this Tesla recolor side by side with the HW's 1st edition Cadillac Elmiraj whenever you get your hands on this Tesla recolor? I think both will look fantastic together, especially both of them sporting almost similar paintjob!

  6. The first color of the MB Tesla has yet to appear here. The Hot Wheels one is so horrible that I refuse to put one in my collection. Hope the MB one looks better.

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