Can you guess my 5 favorite Matchbox castings? I have a cool prize for you if you do…

With all this “Golden Age of Matchbox” talk here on Lamley lately, I have gotten a lot of questions about what castings are my favorite.

Well instead of me just telling you, why don’t we just make it fun?

Next week I will unveil all five starting Monday and going through Friday.  The castings are awesome, and whether you care if I like them or not, you will love seeing the models.

So before Monday, I am giving you a chance to guess.  It doesn’t have to be in any particular order, but you can only name five.  If you get all five, I will send you a prize.  And I promise you will like the prize.

You can post your guesses here in the comments section, or on our Facebook page, or even on our Instagram feed, just tag your guess #lamley5faves so I will be sure to see it.

Yeah, it is a dumb contest, and I don’t expect you to care about my favorites.  But it is a way to get some awesome Matchbox for free.

A couple of hints.  All 5 are from 2005 to the present, so “Last Golden Age” models for sure.  Some are of current cars, others of classic cars, and they are from more than one continent.

And they may or may not be in these photos.

So throw those guesses out.  This could be fun…

48 Replies to “Can you guess my 5 favorite Matchbox castings? I have a cool prize for you if you do…”

  1. Bmw 1m, Toyota FJ40 landcruiser, oldsmobile vista cruiser, '93 Mustang ssp, International brush fire truck? Incidentally just received a TLV VW Golf 2 in the post, chosen partially due to your coverage of TLV…what a great model!

  2. Hmm, this is a tough task, even for a daily reader of the blog like me. Here it goes:

    1) Cadillac CTS Coupe
    2) Mitsubishi Lancer EVO
    3) Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (Figured there was a wagon in the top 5. Hope it's not the Avant.)
    4) BMW M1
    5) Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint

    Kudos to the person before me for selecting a pickup. Could be your winner right there.

  3. 1. BMW 1M/M1;
    2. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40;
    3. Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser;
    4. Alfa Romeo Guila Sprint; and
    5. 57 GMC Stepside Utility/Truck


  4. My guess:

    Mercedes McLaren SLR
    Mitsubishi Lancer police
    Olds Vista Cruiser
    BMW 1M
    Alfa Romeo Guilia Sprint… Thing. Can't remember exact name… The one they pretty much did in red, white, convention and that was it, hehe.

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