’71 Toyota Crown Wagon, ’68 Nissan Skyline, and the August batch of Tomica Limited Vintage are now available at Japan Booster…

Quite simply, I have never been more excited for a Tomica Limited Vintage batch, and I am so glad it is finally out.

And it has every thing to do with the 1971 Toyota Crown Custom Wagon.  Since it was announced earlier this year, the Crown Wagon has been at the very top of my list.  First, because it is a wagon.  Second, because the kujira Crown is, to me, one of the coolest looking cars on the planet.

I first laid eyes on one at JDM Legends, and have been in love ever since.  It is a land yacht with pure Japanese style, from the panel tail lights to the eyebrow wearing headlights.  Everything about it is cool.  Ever since it has been #1 on my list for Tomica Limited Vintage, so I was understandably excited to see it actually come to fruition.

And now I can finally add it to the collection.  And while all my attention is focused on the Crown, there are two fantastic 4dr Hakosuka Skylines, another Seibu Keisatsu Police car, and a racing Toyota Sports 800.  This is easily one of the best batches TLV has released.

And all the models are now available at Japan Booster.  And this is the time to get them, while they are at their cheapest price.  And as always, you can get FREE SHIPPING with orders over $50.  You can grab what you want here:

TLV Toyota Crown Wagon at Japan Booster

TLV Nissan Skyline 1500 at Japan Booster

TLV Toyota Sports 800 at Japan Booster

I cannot wait to get these in hand.  You can bet I will be giving these full coverage here on the blog.  But don’t wait for me to feature them.  I highly suggest grabbing them now…

Anyone else as excited as I am?

3 Replies to “’71 Toyota Crown Wagon, ’68 Nissan Skyline, and the August batch of Tomica Limited Vintage are now available at Japan Booster…”

  1. Nice lot.

    But the November and December batches will have more exciting releases like the Skyline 2000-GT sedans, 2 more Cedrics and the Seibu Keisatsu special Safari.

  2. I have the 108b Crown Van on order this month. It looks amazing in the pic. I also have the Sports 800 on the same order, which will be my first. I can't wait!

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