The Lamley rare variation and RLC model sale ends today. Don’t miss out!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the rare Hot Wheels variations and RLC cars I listed on eBay expire today.

While I love variations, and there are a few I am still keeping, I love collecting loose cars and certain castings even more.  Plus, the more space I have to store older Hot Wheels and Matchbox, the more in depth my articles can be.  So I am trying to minimize my carded collection.

That means many of these awesome variations and extra RLC cars would better serve other collectors elsewhere.  And I can raise a little money for future projects in the meantime.  Win win, right?

So if you haven’t seen what is listed, now is the time.  The listings expire starting in just a few hours.  Many of these variations, like the uber-rare MC5 KITT, hardly ever, if ever, show up on eBay.  You can see all the listings here:

Lamley Purge Sale

Good luck everyone, and we hope our readers win every one of these.

Some examples:

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