Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International P Case…

Only one more case to go…

Think about it.  A year ago the frenzy for the Q Case Datsun Wagon Super Treasure Hunt was at a fever pitch, and it wasn’t even out yet.  The P Case that was released before seemed like an afterthought compared to what was coming, most notably the Wagon Super, Porsche 934 and 2015 Mustang.

The landscape now is a little different.  The P Case has a Super that has a lot of people excited, the Superbird, and a lot of great releases.  The Q Case won’t be too shabby either, mainly because of the Nissan 180SX that everyone wants.  But things won’t be as frenzied.

Back to the P Case.  We like a lot of what we see.  We think we have resolved part of the mystery of the Fiat (not a Treasure Hunt, but we still don’t know why the symbol is on the card), and one way or the other it is a fantastic model.

There are a lot more models to grab, and we will showcase them when we have them.  In the meantime let’s get to the report.

As always, a random case pulled off the pallet at Wheel Collectors and photographed as the models are pulled 3-by-3.


(Find all the P Case Models now at Wheel Collectors)

Reg Treasure Hunt Alert:

Obviously the Rogue Hog is the TH, but now I am totally curious about the Fiat.  Maybe it will become clear later.

All in all, a decent case.  A few models, like the Elmiraj recolor, M4, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Mad Manga, Subaru BRAT, and that SUPERB Fiat, will definitely go into the collection.

Your thoughts?

7 Replies to “Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2015 International P Case…”

  1. I'd like to see all the hate. My popcorn is ready.
    Oh, and I'll count all the heaters. Once done I can pitch for Lamley to just throw a way the models to the Philippines.

  2. this is actually a really good batch. cant wait to see it in stores. of course im anticipating mad manga, the custom mustang, and for some reason the brazillian charger. I just love the color they choose on that car(weird).

    Now more importantly I keep wanting to post this but im either busy or my computer act weird. I truly believe that the whole fiat thing is either a really good error or simply a fake. One thing to really notice is even though it has the t hunt logo on the card, it is missing something that all t hunt cars have; the little description by the logo that states “this car is hard to find and is highly collectable and blah blah blah :P.” any thoughts?

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