Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Datsun 510 Wagon Recolor…

CORRECTION: We initially reported that this will be a Kmart exclusive in September.  Today we were informed that it will not be part of the September Event.  Details on what models will be included are here.

Well this will cause a scurry.

Photos have emerged of the latest recolor on the Datsun 510 Wagon, and it is a beauty.  

The vintage-inspired Datsun livery goes black, and it looks amazing, especially sitting on grey OH5 wheels.  It is one mean machine, and when you put it next to the upcoming HW Convention 510, you have a menacing pair.

Look for the Wagon this fall…

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  1. Wow! Usually I do not care too much about this car because to me its a silly station wagon that someone decided to put racing decals to make it look cool, and because of all the unneeded hype on it. But I will say the black does show its coolness. Cant wait for the Kmart event!

  2. What day is the September event this year? I've got a Kmart close to me in Layton, but haven't been able to find any info about the KDays event.

  3. It hasn't been announced yet, but I would say September 12th or 19th will be the date. It is typically mid-month.

    November event is likely the 7th or 14th.

  4. Is it possible to keep us all updated when the event is announced and when the cases go on sale at kmart.com? I've been to a few K-day events this past year and decided the amount of immaturity that occurs between adult collectors is far too much for me to deal with any more.

  5. We will post a link as soon as we know the cases are for sale. Remember we just made a correction – the Datsun is not an exclusive at the September event. But the RX-7 and Honda S2000 are both part.

  6. That looks decent, the tampo is great too, almost like the white hakosuka.
    Only would change/straighten the cross-striping on the hood to match the one on the roof, but that's just a small issue.

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