Just Unveiled: Matchbox 2016 mainline Freightliner Fire Engine, Best of the World Austin Mini Van…

The Matchbox buzz continues…

If you haven’t been on the @matchboxworld feed on IG, you really should.  Any excitement you get from what we share here at Lamley will triple when you follow them there.  You get the sense that things are wide open, all ideas are being considered, and most importantly, the orange brand is in very good hands.

And you get a few sneak peeks, and everyone loves sneak peeks.

In the last couple of days we have seen two upcoming new models.  First up is a 2016 New Model, the Freightliner Fire Engine:

It looks to be another great addition to the ever-growing fleet of Matchbox Fire Trucks.  It is nice to see Freightliner join Pierce, Mack, Seagrave, International and others as part of the fleet.

Next is the second model we have seen from the Best of the World premium series, due in December:

Yep, that is the always popular Austin Mini Van, looking fantastic in purple, and even better on the new Matchbox two-piece wheels.  The design is clean, and while I can’t make out the side graphics, they look wonderfully British.  Between this and the fabulous black BMW 1M, the BotW seems to be off to a very nice start.  We can’t wait to see more.

And we probably will soon.  Between our new MBX Ambassador Dirk Schleuer’s upcoming reports, this IG feed, and other sources, the Matchbox excitement doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon…

7 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Matchbox 2016 mainline Freightliner Fire Engine, Best of the World Austin Mini Van…”

  1. Personally, the tank on the Freightliner tanker should have been chromed. In addition, the light bar really spoils the look! They say a separate light bar adds cost, but I really don't see why if you're using a handful of light bars for the whole lineup. The Taurus or Lancer's LED light bar, or even the Impala's Federal Valor would have really improved the look instead of that chunky toddler toy looking abomination!

  2. The taker looks pretty good. As was stated the tank and base need to be chromed. Fire engines are shiny nut dull gray. As for the integrated light bar, I don;t relly like them. But at least make the windows clear then. Fire engines do not use amber lights. Most current lights on emergency vehicles are clear with LED. So it would work well.

    I like the theme of the Mini. As for the wheels they look OK. But maybe if the line is successful we will see more wheels and tires. As I think most are referring to the tires as the issue on these. A bit too knobbly.

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