First Look: Matchbox ’75 Mack CF Pumper Everett Marshall Charities Exclusives…

It has become a yearly Matchbox tradition that falls right at the same time as the Matchbox Gathering.

Upon arrival in Albuquerque, one of the first things many of us do is find Everett Marshall’s hotel room.  You walk in, and the first thing to do greet one of the great guys in the collecting world, Everett Marshall.  Everett is a long-time collector, who has one for the most impressive Matchbox collections around.  So prolific, in fact, that it is housed in a museum.

The next thing you do is ask about the exclusive.  Most years, Everett will have them, and will give you one in return for a donation to his charity, which hosts a golf tournament every August to benefit burn victims.  Remember, I said he was one of the great guys in the collecting world.

Each year, Matchbox creates and donates an exclusive model in a special livery to give away to tournament participants.  It has always been an emergency model, and this year was no exception.  The ’75 Mack was developed in time for this year’s event, and instead of one, Matchbox made two:

You had to figure it would be the Mack, just like it is easy to predict the Freightliner Fire Truck will be the choice in 2016.  You just didn’t figure there would be two, and one would be wonderfully painted pink.

Here was the sad thing.  Everett couldn’t make it this year.  So while it was fun to still get the models, and get a nice donation over to Everett’s charity by of his friend Paul Carr, it wasn’t nearly as nice with Everett absent.  But if this means Everett can be at his tournament and fully involved, that is all the better.

Because Everett was absent, there were only a few charity models at the Gathering for sale, and they sold out quickly.  I have no idea if more will be made available, but you can ask Everett himself at  Each model will most likely be $50 each with $5 shipping to the US.

It is totally worth getting one or both.  The models are always spectacular additions to any collection, but more importantly the money goes to a great cause.

Matchbox ’75 Mack CF Pumper (2015 Everett Marshall Charities Exclusive):

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