Why we open models: The fantastic Breaking Bad RV from Greenlight…

Open ’em!

If you must, keep a second to remain packaged, but by golly these models were meant to be opened!  As nice as the art might be, the model on its own is ALWAYS better.

Case in point, Walter and Jesse’s RV.  Greenlight has released two versions of the 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV, one in the Route 66 line and one in the Breaking Bad series.  The models look almost exactly the same.  And while I normally care only about the model and not the show it came from, my infatuation with Breaking Bad made Walt and Jesse’s rolling meth factory a must.

And it is awesome.  Especially out of the package.  While the overall quality can’t match TLV, the effort put into this one detail-wise is on par with the Japanese 1:64 gurus.  If you get the license to such an iconic vehicle, you don’t screw it up, and Greenlight followed that mantra.  Now here’s hoping the most iconic car from the show, Walter’s Aztek, is next.

But remember the theme of this post is to open your models, and outside of how good it looks package-less, we haven’t divulged the other reason this RV is proof.  If you buy this model, and put it on the shelf packaged to show your friends, you would miss out on the joy of seeing a small detail on the other “hidden” side of the model:

What was one of Walt’s rules?  Don’t smell like meth when you are done cooking.  That is why, early in the series, Walt always stripped down to his tighty-whities and donned just an apron.  And that is how he found himself attired when all hell broke loose in the pilot episode.  Walt lost his pants in the desert, but was able to recover his shirt, just in time to leave what he thought would be a final videotaped confession to his family.

And where was his shirt?  Yep, hanging on the side mirror.

Yeah, it is a little detail, but how cool is that?  If Greenlight ever makes a replica of Walter’s house, there will most surely be a pizza on the roof, and a teddy bear in the pool.

Well done, Greenlight folks.  You made this model a must-have for a lot of people

Next to a TLV Bus:

6 Replies to “Why we open models: The fantastic Breaking Bad RV from Greenlight…”

  1. I have seen this said on Facebook too. My guess is the licensor did not want bullet holes in the doors. A shirt on the rearview mirror is a little less graphic. The shirt is an awesome detail, and I am perfectly happy with it. There could have been nothing.

  2. Maybe we'll get a dirty old one with holes later. This will be the first ever non-green machine GL purchase. I loved this show.

  3. Fantastic doesn't do this model justice, it's a must have for sure! I'm picking one right now, else the prices go through the roof and I can't afford mine anymore. By the way, there's one thing I like about higher end models, they all display nicely together even when they're from diferente manufacturers. GL, AW, TLV, Kyosho, they're all going for realism and accurate scale.

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