Hot Wheels 2015 Batch P has been unveiled…

Yeah, batch P.  That means after Q, 2015 is done.  Crazy, eh?

Our favorite Texas seller has just listed the Batch P models, and there are many we had no idea were coming.  There are new models like the Racing Mustang (the upsloped chin strikes again), and a fantastic Fiat 500 police car, the BRAT, as well as some very cool recolors, like the white NSX and red Elmiraj.

But we will let you check it out.  Follow the link:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch P

Some highlights:

The Super:

The Reg:

8 Replies to “Hot Wheels 2015 Batch P has been unveiled…”

  1. That, incredibly, looks like a properly-done Racing '15 Mustang. No, dude, I see no mistake. It's perfectly flat. I've seen the unboxed thing on T-Hunted.

    Other than that… deary me a white NSX and alternate-kit S2k. The green Sesto is spiffy (and GREEN!!!), the BRAT finally gets a retro livery, and that 500. Oh, I'd so wanna buy a hundred of them and make a fleet of nothing but Police 500's. Too bad the Caddy didn't come in black. Oh, it would rock if it came in jet-black.

    I wanna see the recolored RX-7 with proper lighting. Looks like it's thecolor that might make me buy the car!

  2. Wow! This is a stellar batch. My favourite has to be the bright green Sesto Elemento! The RX7, Mustang and S2000 look pretty good. And the Cadillac looks awesome! HW did a great job on that. The Fiat 500 is a nice surprise. Oh, and those Superbirds! Gonna have to buy them as well!

  3. First of all I hope that I can purchase the die cast Fiat 500 polizia car,additionally, I may want to purchase the die cast Rogue Hog and that black car (forget its name where I purchased the blue version) and as for the Cadillac Elmiraj as much I've got nothing against the red colored version I'm opting more for the blue colored version.

    But since I reside in Canada I won't be surprised if I have to wait several months before I might ever see these vehicles in stores and on top of that the retail industry in my country is incomparable or relatively incomparable to the U.S. retail industry if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

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