Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj with grey interior…

We don’t report all variations, but we do like to report significant finds, especially those that are hard to explain.

The last couple of weeks we started hearing about Cadillac Elmiraj models found with grey interior, instead of the standard tan interior.  The first inclination was that maybe folks were finding models with the brown slightly off-color, but after seeing pics, there was no doubt the interior was totally different.

Of course that meant the hunt was on.  And alas, a dump bin dive in a small town yielded not one, but four:

The interesting thing?  Of the four cases in the bin, each had one tan interior and one grey interior.  How that happens I have no idea, and whether or not the grey will be in small numbers I have no idea as well.

So why the grey interior?  No idea as well.  The two most likely answers are that either the factory created the grey erroneously and corrected the mistake, or grey was the planned interior and either the designer or licensor asked for it to be changed.

Either way, it is definitely different, and it is cool to have.  Keep your eyes open…

3 Replies to “Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Cadillac Elmiraj with grey interior…”

  1. Yeah.. when I picked mine out, there were variations with the tan interiors. The gray looks a little neat but sort of makes it seem a little monochromatic in a way.
    I chose a tan interior with the most 'orange' in color because it's a nice contrast with the blue and besides.. I think it shows off as a rich, luxurious leather interior that displays refinement!

  2. I just found a red Elmiraj with gray interior. I've seen the blue with tan and blue with gray, as well as red with tan listed but not the red with gray. I grabbed it and time will tell if its a short run or not.

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