Hot Wheels Heritage: A return to form?

So have we made it?

We have talked a lot here on Lamley about how Hot Wheels figured out the Boulevard line a little too late, and since then we have been waiting for something similar to return.  Hot Ones and Flying Customs were too “Hot Wheels Nostalgic” for newer collectors, and the Cool Classics looked nice, but lacked realistic liveries and colors.

So when Heritage was announced, many collectors started licking their chops.  Something tasty might be on its way.  The caveat?  The batches would alternate between real riders and nostalgic redlines, so theoretically one batch would be realistic, and the other nostalgic.

Well, the first batch is out, with six models sitting on real riders.  And after one batch, what do you think?  Are we back?  Would you put these on par with models like the Boulevard 510 Wagon, Porsche 993, and Jeep Wagoneer?  Not yet.  This batch is nice, although a tad underwhelming.

Two Datsuns will, at least at this point, get the masses going, so kudos to Mattel for starting off strong.  The 240Z wins from our perspective, with a simple, retro racing style that would do very well down the street here at the Bonneville Salt Flats.  The 510 is ok, but doesn’t pop.  The VW is too Cool Classics-like, and we have no opinion on the two unlicensed models.

The most interesting model is the Greenbrier.  Would we have preferred it stock?  Of course, but you can’t expect that from Hot Wheels.  Instead it should be super creative, and it most certainly is.  This one is definitely a must have, even if it gets some grief form those who would have preferred stock.

There is still a lot to see from Heritage, so the jury is still out.  We still miss Boulevard…

Hot Wheels Heritage Batch A:

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  1. I've found 4 of the six. Still looking for the 240z & Corvair. I love this set already. Not sure how you think the come short of the Blvd set…they have RRs and metal/metal. To me that's the same.

  2. It's more comparing to that final 2013 push of Boulevard (4 mixes, 20 cars), which was one of the strongest runs of cars HW ever did.

  3. Personally, I think the 510 looks great. The 240Z is another winner with the moon wheels and salt flat inspired deco. The Greenbrier is just insane, purely HWs. The VW is nice, though it looks better with rally racing inspired deco. And the Altered Ego is better than expected (and it's a Larry Wood design), though I would have chosen different front wheels due to what the car represents.

    The Bubble Gunner… OK, it actually doesn't look as bad as many initially expected. For those that are into the goofy HW original designs, this is a classic one from the '80's that returned in the Hot Ones in 2011. This was also NOT the initial planned casting for this mix. If the original casting planned ended up in this mix, people would be freaking out ('80 Dodge Power Wagon). The Bubble Gunner was an 11th hour stand in due to timing and tooling issues. They needed an available tool that they didn't need to go an get a license for. The Bubble Gunner was apparently that available tool and here it is.

    I don't foresee this affecting the rest of the line too much. Especially if Target stays at their price point. If nothing else, the Bubble Gunner and Altered Ego will be good wheel donors for the Target price (I know I'll be picking up the Bubble Gunner stragglers for wheel swaps on past mainline releases of the Bone Shaker, axles are perfect length to fit). And the remaining items to be in the series are all fantastic castings, not a dud in the bunch.

  4. Plus I want to do a base swap of the Bubble Gunner with the 2011 Hot Ones release. That red, white and blue scheme will look killer with the RRs, and this yellow one will wear the BWs nicely.

  5. I couldn't agree with you guys any more with the positive things. BUT , what the hell are they thinking making a bubble gunner and altered ego part of this series? I think unlicensed models unless it is obviously a desired piece should be kept to the mainline. Can you imagine if they put a poppa wheelie in the next batch of real riders? I hope we never see the day. I think they should have someone seeing what items become leg warmers. Because these two are peg warmers. Stores in my area have stocked these cars at least two or 3 times and most stores have 8-10 of these two models hangin around. Total waste of space and zamac. The super staggered sizes on these cars make them terrible for wheel doners as well. I hope the next model line is thought out better

  6. The Bubble Gunner was a 11th hour substitute. An issue arose with the original planned vehicle (1980 Dodge Power Wagon), and it was too late in the game to go with a licensed model. The Bubble Gunner was (apparently) the quickest available non-licensed casting they had available to it was changed in. It wasn't an ideal situation and not the original plan at all.

    The Altered Ego, though, is a neat casting.

    The rest of the casting list for the series only has one non-licensed casting: Bone Shaker in mix 4/D.

  7. They look great to me, especially like the Hare Splitter- reminiscent of the green '70s matchbox VW Golf…hopefully they'll pop up in the UK at some point…

  8. I have a few on order, but not really feeling this series. I was a fan of the Garage series & Boulevard, but I don't know if my taste changed due to the shift towards TLVs? All I know is that I used to be partial to hare splitters and I find this one to be hideous. 240Z looks good, Bluebird looks ok.

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