First Look: Matchbox ’14 Porsche Cayman & Lamborghini LM002…

How fun is it to do a post like this?  Really fun.

No pleads for more realism from Matchbox.  No complaints about the lack of licensed models.  No waxing on about what Matchbox used to be.  Hell, no photos of a Hot Wheels model that generates the proverbial “Matchbox should have made that!” responses from readers.

What you are looking at is a fantastic Porsche Cayman alongside a Lamborghini LM002.  Matchbox should have made th…wait, sorry…my bad.  And both were made by Matchbox.  Of course.

I mean, look, realistic colors, front and rear tampos, realistic lines, just like the realism that Matchbox used to be all abo…oops, sorry, I promised I wouldn’t go there.  They both look awesome.  Of course.

And these are perfect choices.  One, a Porsche, but not THAT Porsche.  The other, a Lamborghini, but not THAT Lamborghini.  The just-off-the-beaten path model choices are a Matchbox hallmark, or at least it used to b…alright, I will stop.  But both great choices.  Of course.

Ok, it is hard for me to stay on task.  I am trying to move away from the big picture and focus on these two models that are such a welcome sight.  But the big picture looms.  This latest batch of Matchbox, full of goodies like these two, the ’75 Mack, a stunning black ’68 Mustang, is as close to what Matchbox was a few years ago.  But I promised not to talk about that.  But I will.  July is Matchbox month.  The Gathering is two weeks away.  We will know a lot about 2016 after that event ends.  I am as curious as ever to see where things are headed.

Plus, legendary graphic designer Michael Heralda, who spent the last few years designing gem after gem for Matchbox, just walked out of the Mattel Design Center as an employee for the last time yesterday, heading into what will surely be a fruitful retirement.  More on that later this month, but that also marks a significant change for the brand.  And there are more staff changes coming.

Curiosity is high, and thankfully we have the new Matchbox team ready to tell us all about where things are headed in a month.  So we will wait for that.

In the meantime, just enjoy the pics of these two fantastic models, both designed by Miguel Lopez, who has been on a designing hot streak.  We will cover a lot more later…

I will even spare you the MB Cayman vs. HW Cayman photos that will prove no contest.  That is for another time.  Staying on task…

(Find both the Porsche and Lamborghini at Wheel Collectors…)

Matchbox ’14 Porsche Cayman & Lamborghini LM002 (2015 New Models):

17 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox ’14 Porsche Cayman & Lamborghini LM002…”

  1. there is something odd about that Cayman. hmmmmm… hard to say for sure since there is no full front view but it looks to me like it suffers the same design flaw as the Panamera before it: not wide enough. It basically ruined the Panamera for me… And the Aston Martin… Funny how no one seems to notice that. And that's why i kept my Hot Wheels Panamera, even though it was less detail and “stock” than the Matchbox version: it's proportions are better overall.

  2. After the Final Boss that is GHE-O Rescue, it's pretty hard to see the old off-road Lambo top it, but this casting stands toe-to-toe with the big bad Romanian boy, almost showing the new kid how it's done.

    I'm getting both models. Nope, not the Cayman, at least not until the Cayman GT4 drops.

  3. This is good! Matchbox has done a stellar job. If I had to give points for accuracy, the LM002 would get 10/10 and yet the Cayman would get 8.5/10. I don't know, something seems off about the Cayman. Its either too narrow or too long. And the wheels are too small. At least the rear ones. And where are the flared wheel arches and the wider rear track? But nevermind. I'm glad Matchbox even made it and made it this good (unlike the pathetic HW version). Hail Matchbox!

    P.S. – I request some more Porsches for next year or 2017. Maybe a Turbo or GT3.

  4. The Cayman is a bit off, but it's still a Porsche, so ill still buy it. The Lambo is actually a vehicle iv long loved, and will buy. It's way too cool. But I wish it was red .

  5. I can't wait to find a few of that LM002!!! Been wanting that one for years from either brand, and we finally have it!! Just have to hope some hang on the pegs long enough for me to grab a couple.

  6. I'm going to disagree with you on the Porsche. The front end is great, the roofline is good, but the doors and rocker panels look fat and lumpy. The arches above the rear wheel wells aren't defined enough and the rear end is too short and squatty. I'm still glad to have it, it's decent for $1, and it's nice to have this generation Cayman, and I applaud Matchbox for the model selection this year. But in the realm of Matchbox's licensed models done recently, like the Alfa 4C and Model S, it is mediocre in comparison.

    The Lamborghini was one of my most anticipated models for the year. Looking at pictures, it is clear they did a great job, but one thing that the pictures don't tell are that this thing is tiny. The scale is even listed as 1:64 on the base, but it is closer to 1:87. Here are some comparison pictures I did between the Matchbox and Kyosho LM002's:

    I still love it, but because the scale is so off, it went from being a shoe in for my favorite, to being my second favorite behind the 4C.

  7. “I see” said the blind man!!!
    Front end proportions are lacking. The nose doesn't have enough slope and it sits too high.. like it's thick in a way and it's narrow.

  8. Of course I am biased. All collectors all. Things I like, others might not. I like the Porsche. Others don't. I am totally fine with that. If I weren't biased, all I could write is that this is a replica of a Porsche and it is yellow. It also has four wheels. Done.

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