The latest pickup-populated batch of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment…

What is it about pickups?

Maybe I should be a little more clear.  What is it about old pickups?  New trucks have about as much character as a mattress showroom, and don’t deserve the term “pickup”, nor do I think they want it.  Let them be “trucks”.

But pickups, those old utilitarian carrying – not hauling – machines, they are cooler than cool.  And you all know it.  It may not be the case all over the world, but around here in old truck can get as much passer-by love as a sports car.  And it is a different kind of love.  It is less rooted in the sunglass push-down “Daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn!” you would give a Ferrari, and more in that deep appreciation for a car that has been used.  There is always a lot of love permeating from an old pickup.  And this is coming from a dude who grew up on Hondas, Toyotas, and big beefy station wagons.

And that is why I am so in love with the latest batch of Retro Entertainment.  I haven’t seen Friday Night Lights (I should), I do love Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but I do love those pickups.

The ’83 Silverado, whether lifted or lowered, has definitely secured its place as a collector fave.  Just wait until you see what will happen on July 14th when the RLC version goes on sale.  It will be a long 3 minutes for some as they try and get it before it sells out.  It may be my age, but that exact era of Chevy truck is how I remember them, and appreciate them the most.  This version is black is so clean, so sharp, and so simply detailed.  If you are lucky to get the RLC, these two will look great together.  But not on the card!  Open these beauties up!

Anyway, the other pretty pickup is the Ford F-250.  I love the equipment in the back, but the highlight is the simple color and very 70’s plain livery.  Of course this is based on the truck in the film, but thankfully it was followed, because like the film or not, it is great to have a truck in a period correct deco.

And yeah, the Rapid Responder might be more of a truck, but it comes from the right era.

Lastly, a touch of class with the ’58 Plymouth.  We got a similar version in Boulevard a few years back, but no complaints with a model as beautiful as this one.

No sports cars in this batch, no fever-inducing JDM.  No muscle.  But grab the models, open them, and that pickup love will get you…

’83 Chevy Silverado

Ford F-250

Rapid Responder

’58 Plymouth

5 Replies to “The latest pickup-populated batch of Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment…”

  1. Can't wait to get a few of that Silverado!! Have some swaps in mind, even though it looks great as it is.

    The F250 is a welcome addition for sure. Hope that use this casting in more lines, and have other bed accessories that can snap in.

    The Plymouth is always great. I know many will claim this is just like the Boulevard series release, but it does have a few more details added to make it Christine.

    The Rapid Responder is a classic HW casting. Nice to see it representing the Emergency! show, a throwback to a previous release of the casting as well.

  2. I like all of these, I do have one question though. With HW having the Dodge Lil Red Wagon 2 in it's line up why not use that front end with Rapids utillity bed and the would have created a 100% dup of Squad 51. I like it as is but they could made it perfect. If I can find the decals for it or have them made up it's a future project for sure.

  3. That would require a major tooling overhaul, a completely new tool. Likely too much money to throw at it for this release.

    Plus this is a classic HW casting, been around a LONG time (about 40 years now). It's the same base as the Super Van, Backwoods Bomb and Ramblin' Wrecker.

    And there was a previous release for the show. Google search “Emergency! Hot Wheels” and you'll see it. So it is likely an homage to that release as well.

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