Case Report: Opening a 2015 Hot Wheels US L Case…

A good case is a good case.  This is a good case.

The L cases are at Walmart, so a lot of you have found – or not found – what you were looking for.  Hopefully in everyone’s frenzy to find a Super they left you the gem of this case, the Cadillac Elmiraj.  There is also a very cool ’55 Gasser, another great version of the Honda S2000, and even that upsloped-chin Tesla is worth having.

In fact, the Tesla is the darling of the auto AND mainstream world that having at least one of the Hot Wheels version is worth it.  (That is saying nothing for the Matchbox version, which is generating a ton of interest on eBay.)

Anyways, a good case.

So for those of you that want to see the assortment, here you go.  As always, the case came from Wheel Collectors, and here is everything as we pulled it, in order, 3-by-3.


Hot Wheels 2015 US L Case:

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  1. I sure dont collect like I used to for the last few years therefor I sure dont give my money away to Mattel either. Isnt Mattel noticing this drop in sales?. Every batch every year keeps producing the same castings over and over again like Ive never seen in my 20 years of collecting. What happened to the hundreds of castings that have been shelved for years?, some only making one appearance. For example the 1998 Hot Wheels first edition Bad Mudder never to be cast again.

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