May 19th Matchbox Ambassador Report, by Larry Scaduto…

Ambassador’s Report May 19th, 2015
By: Larry Scaduto

I’ve packed a lot of information into this report! I’m starting out with new releases along with more Jurassic World models. I’ve received pictures of the latest Special Edition Real Working Rig E-One Mobile Command Vehicle (thank you Michael) and I’m doing a final round up of the Supreme Heroes Collection since I now have featured all 10 models in the series. I’m also going Disco in the PrePro section. Hope you like it! I’m also stepping back to 1971 with some special gift sets and I’m finishing up with my usual selection of articles. Hope everyone is having a good day and my next report should be out by the end of this month. Thank you all for reading. Larry
MB996 Hazard Squad
The Hazard Squad really looks awesome in this “State Police” livery!!!
MB987 ’78 Dodge Monaco Police Car

MB810 Pontiac Firebird

Jurassic World continues…..

MB731 Baja Bandit

Chevy Silverado
MB928 Desert Thunder V-16
MB575 Jeep Willys 
MB737 Quarry King
Special Edition Heroic Rescue Vehicles
Here we have the last Real Working Rig that will be offered with a $20.00 purchase of Matchbox products. This is the RW022 E-One Mobile Command. At present, I don’t have any information on what store this model will be available from. But rest assure, I will let everyone know when I get this information. But for now here are the pics. So far this promotion is to end May 31st. I’m hoping it gets extended so we have more time to obtain this fantastic fire truck.  
Front & rear views of the E-One Mobile Command 
RW036 Fire Stalker available from Wal-Mart & Target purchases (front & rear views)

Now that I’ve pictured the complete collection here in my reports, I’ve decided to put them all together in one place for everyone to see. 


                           MB860 Ford Explorer                                 MB906 ’63 Mack B Model Fire Engine

MB796 Hazard Squad

               MB771 Ford E-350 Ambulance                              MB885 Renault Master Ambulance


             MB877 International Pumper                                    MB755 Pierce Dash Fire Engine 

MB689 Ford Crown Victoria Police Car

                MB857 Chevrolet Suburban                    MB801 International Workstar Brush Fire Truck

So after viewing all 10 models, what would be your favorite? I know some of you have issues with the wheels, but let’s put aside that for just a moment and look at the tampo printing and of course the choice of vehicles used. I usually don’t give opinions on what I think is good or what can be done better. But I’ll go on record as saying the Ford Explorer is the best of the lot!

So…..It’s time to break out the shiny silver disco ball for this week’s preproduction selection! All models pictured have a silver chrome finish.
First up is the MB20 Police Patrol that features an unpainted metal Rolomatics Lesney base.
Next I have the MB67 Lamborghini Countach LP 500 S with a white interior, red windows and a white plastic 1985 Thailand base. This model also features gold 6 spoke spiral wheels. 
Here is a MB54 Chevy Lumina with a black plastic 1990 Thailand base. (One of my favorite cars)
This MB2 Corvette Grand Sport has a white interior & black plastic 1989 Thailand base.
Next I am featuring the MB75 Ferrari Testarossa. This model has a white plastic interior, grill and tail lights with amber windows. Also this model has a white painted metal 1986 Thailand base with gold 6 spoke spiral wheels 
Here is a Jaguar XJ6 with blue windows, white interior and a 1991 white plastic Thailand base
Next is a MB16 Ford LTD with a white interior, blue windows and a chrome 1987 Thailand base. 
And next is MB74 Grand Prix Racing Car with a white metal 1988 Thailand base. 
And finally I have the MB20 F 1 Racer painted silver with a 1984 black plastic Thailand base. 
Let’s take a look at one of my favorite accessories that took me many years to find…..

I’m not sure why I wanted this item so bad. But I did search many years for this and landed 2 of them on e-Bay within a few short months of each other. One set was complete with no labels applied and the other set had the American labels applied and was missing a few parts. The Matchbox Auto Sales (also listed as accessory pack A-2) wasn’t anything really special…. It featured a thin chipboard play surface the size of the box and plastic rails, signs and a building. I understand that the building was from the Super Kings K-13 DAF Building Transporter. The flags were featured on the MG-1 BP Service Station and the lights were from Accessory Pack No. 1. So this set was released using parts from a number of other items made by Lesney. 

This was truly an International release! Labels were available in 5 languages so the children can personalize their set depending on where they lived. I don’t recall this set ever being available in the USA, but I could be wrong on this. Released in 1971 this set is very hard to find. 

Below were signs that you can cut out and fold on the dotted line. I have a few of them in the pictures I’ve taken. 
Also released in 1971, I have the TA-9 Sky-Jack Superfast Track Accessory. This is a motorized lift that keeps the racing going. Mine is still sealed, (And it’s staying that way!!!!) but I included a YouTube video of a later release of the same accessory to show you what this item does. 
YouTube Video Streak-a-Round set

Mission Force Gift Set with 3 miniatures and 2 Sky Busters

                                           Rock Shocker                                              Sea Spy

                                            Cliff Hanger                                 Desert Thunder V-16

   MBX 4×4                                           Travel Tracker
Mauler Hauler (My favorite of the bunch….so far!) 
Here are two of the three 5-Packs that will be released for the Jurassic World Series

Above is the display at Toys R Us & below is at my local Wal-Mart

1939 Dodge Sedan Police Car
1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
1991 BMW Nazca C2
2013 SAAB 9-3
2016 Nissan Maxima
2016 Ford Focus
Volkswagen GT1 Roadster
1999 Lamborghini Diablo GT-5
Matchbox Motorway M-3 Switch-a-track YouTube Video
All images and articles are presented here with the consent and permission of Mattel and the Matchbox Team.
If you have a question or just need to reach me, send an e-mail to:

MB54 Chevy Lumina PrePro with different wheels

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  1. That's the first we've seen of the re-tooled Dodge Monaco, right? The light bar is incorporated with the window piece now. Thank you, Matchbox, for giving it clear windows!

  2. Don't really care for the Jurassoc World stuff, but everything else is lookimg fantastic. It's a shame they're not allowed to print liveries and front and rear details om the same car, imagine how cool the Firebird and Monaco would look in full trim.

    Still, I'm picking these up for sure.

  3. Oh Mattel what have you done to that Dodge Monaco!!! Yes I am certainly glad its back for 2015 as it quite literally is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Matchbox castings but replacing the chrome with dull grey plastic is extremely infuriating. It now looks like a sub Maisto model, even cheapo non licensed Chinese fodder manage to keep their chrome. Just how much does this change actually save Mattel in costs?!!!

  4. What has been done to Hazard Squad, as the body appears to be plastic?

    Dodge Monaco. Since they were modifying the light bar to be a part of the window unit anyway, why didn't they use an era-correct light bar? Also, the deco is way out of era.

  5. The Hazard Squad body still looks metal to me: the black and chrome pieces for underneath still look plastic, and the reflections around the lights and ladder in the back seem like reflections from a painted metal surface. I really hope I'm right, or I'll join your lament.

  6. If the Hazard Squad they screwed the casting. The Monaco is garbage now that light bar is HW work it stinks glad I have all the others that one they can have. Two steps forward two steps back. Your getting nowhere at that pace.

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