First Look: UCC Coffee Nissan Works 5-car set…

Now this is a giveaway.

Some of our more mature readers may remember the days when you could pull a Hot Wheels car out of a cereal box.  No proofs of purchase, no plastic toy with the Hot Wheels logo displayed, but a real Hot Wheels.

I grew up with 3 younger brothers, and on the off chance that my mother brought home one of those boxes, the battle was on.  I remember her trying to tell us that whoever actually poured the car into a bowl would get it, and that we had to let the box run its course.  Of course that meant that 3 to 4 bowls of cereal was in order every morning, and that was only if one of us didn’t sneak over and rummage through the box with our grimy mitts beforehand.

That was a special car, no matter model it was.  Same goes with those models included in battery packs, or the real Hot Wheels given away in Happy Meals back in the day.

Those were the memories that came to mind when Japan Booster let us know about the Nissan Works Skyline sets being given away with cans of UCC Coffee in Japan.  No, this isn’t the cereal shuffle, but it is a promotional giveaway nonetheless, and the models one could come away with border on amazing.

Rubber tires, realistic details, attractive stances, and free with a purchase of coffee grounds?  This isn’t your kid’s giveaway.

We were able to acquire a set through Japan Booster (lucky we were, considering how fast they sell out), and have to say these five completely exceeded our expectations.  Sure, the Super Silhouette and GT-R are not equal to the TLV offerings, nor is the Kenmeri, Hakosuka, and R34 as nice as the Kyosho Beads.  But they are pretty damn close.  The deco is a little simpler, they don’t have interiors, and they are not as intricately detailed as others, but all you have to do is look at the pics to be convinced they are worth having.

(And considering Japan Booster has them right now for $25 with FREE SHIPPING worldwide, they are TOTALLY worth having.)

So here they are, C10 Hakosuka, C110 Kenmeri, R30 Super Silhouette, R34 Skyline, and R35 GT-R, made by brand unknown, all given away with coffee.  Enjoy…

8 Replies to “First Look: UCC Coffee Nissan Works 5-car set…”

  1. I did catch them on eBay, and they looked really good for the price. If I didn't already have the TLVs & Kyoshos of the same, or similar cars, I'd have no hesitation ordering them from Japan Booster.

  2. If you compare them to Kyosho then I would say yes. If you're comparing them to other brands then they are a hair smaller but trust me you won't be disappointed.

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