First Look: The fantastic VW Buses of the brand new Greenlight Vdub Series…

Is there anyone who doesn’t get a little boost of joy when they see a VW Bus?

Vintage VW’s do that.  Beetles, Karmann Ghias, Sciroccos, Fastbacks, you name it, it conjures up something.  Hot Wheels’ Caddy has done that this year, as did Matchbox’s Type 34 Karmann Ghia.  I have also posted pics of Tomica Limited Vintage’s Golf GTI on Instagram, and the masses have responded.

You say vintage VW, and most will think of the Beetle, but the Bus, at least to me, is the coolest.  No need to get into why, because I probably can’t even verbalize that.  We just know it is super cool.

And diecast companies know it.  As much as I don’t like it, there is no denying Hot Wheels’ Drag Bus is as iconic as any Hot Wheels model.  The Kool Kombi is following suit.  And Matchbox has been producing VW Buses for awhile now, most notably the T2 just a few years ago.

Now Greenlight has jumped in.  We have said many times before that Greenlight is hit-and-miss when it comes to proportion and detail.  As many times as they hit a home run, there are as many times that they strike out.  So when we heard they were doing a series of Volkswagens, we completely held judgement until we had them in hand.

Well, we just received a set from Wheel Collectors, and we are happy to say Greenlight hit a home run.  This set of three Kombis is fantastic.

It starts with the proportions.  Greenlight sometimes makes their wheels too large and too thick, but that is not the case here.  The wheels are perfect.  As is the stance and height.  There are a few flaws in the paint work, but that only shows up in the closeups.

There are a few things that Greenlight has done lately that have really excited us, like the Hitch & Haul series (the Airstream in particular), and many of their vintage Police Cars.  Add that Vdub Busses to that list.  If we feel like a model holds its own next to Tomica Limited Vintage, it is definitely a winner.  That is totally the case with these.

The Westfalia is the star, but the cleanliness of the ’68 and ’77 Type 2’s make them must-haves as well.  We highly suggest you get them, and they are all available at Wheel Collectors right now (including some killer Green Machine versions)…

1977 Type 2 Champagne Edition

1968 Type 2

1968 Type 2 Westfalia Campmobile

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