The two separate numbered runs of the RLC Convoy Custom: Which would you rather have?

Late last week another package arrived from Mattel.  The word was out that those who did had ordered the Neo Convoy Custom who knows how many months and did not receive theirs in the first batch were now getting them.  That included me.

Well, the package arrived, and yes, it was the Convoy Custom.  I had acquired another earlier, and of course I was going to look for any differences.  From a paint and deco standpoint, there were none.

But there was one significant difference.  The model I just received was numbered 16/400 and the one I already had was numbered 289/4500.

The explanation is probably pretty simple.  As has been well documented, one of the reasons the RLC models were delayed so long was because of the issues that arose with production.  The models didn’t meet Mattel’s standards so in many cases they were redone.  That also meant that partial batches were approved, and in what might be the case here, the models that were done were sent out.

That meant that others had to wait.  And that also meant that Mattel must have renumbered the new batch.  Why, I have no idea, but that seems to be what happened.

So, knowing that there is a batch of 4500 and a batch of 400, and the model appears to look exactly the same, which would you rather have?

For me, it doesn’t matter.  Getting #16 was kind of cool so I kept that carded, and opened the other, but that was only because I had two.  If #16 was all I had, I would have opened that one without a second thought.

Others love the numbers, so we would be interested to know if one is more desirable than the other.  Let us know.

Maybe eBay will tell us, if in fact sellers specify the batch they have (A #2/400 is currently listed).

One way or the other, it is the model that really matters, so here it is, in all its DLM’d glory.  Enjoy…

Hot Wheels Convoy Custom (RLC Neo-Classics):

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  1. It is a great release. And I am sure everyone is happy they put the correct size wheels on it. The previous NEO release that was a made-to-order HW Racing deco'd one had wheels that were way too small to look right.

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