Ever encountered a Hot Wheels 72-count case full of Supers? Someone just did…

Well at least we assume someone did.  At this point it is an unnamed Walmart employee in Florida.

And you know what that person did with that case of Supers?  He or she pegged them.  All 72 of them.  And that is where Zachary Bradshaw and his 3-year-old found them.

Yeah, we will say it again.  Zachary Bradshaw and his 3-year-old son walked into a Walmart in West Palm Beach, Florida last Saturday and found 72 Hot Wheels 8 Crate Super Treasure Hunts.  72!!

Click on that photo.  Look closely.  That shot was taken by Zack.  Those are all Supers.  Here is the photo he took when he returned home:

Yeah, it is hard to believe, but let’s let Zachary tell the story:

I went to Walmart this morning with my 3 year old son as we do most every Saturday. As I walked up to the pegs I could see they were packed full. Got excited like one would do and started looking. Noticed a super right out front and another to the left of it. My mind went blank as I thought how do 2 get put out front like that next to each We other. As I gathered my thoughts I realized there was more so I started pulling them of the pegs one by one in disbelief looking around wondering how this was happening and where the camera crew was… As they started to pile I just got more shaky! Then I realized I had no way to get them to checkout! I hid 3/4 of them behind some track sets as we went to grab a cart with the rest in my hands. In total there were 72 of them!

Can you imagine?  I would have surely thought this was some sort of prank as well.  But this really happened, and Zach bought them all.  I would have too, and so would the rest of you.

Zack continues:

They were all on the pegs. I had went the night before and there was maybe 100. That morning they were packed. They were all in the same area of the pegs.  There’s room for about 300.

So what happened?  We can only speculate, but based on the fact that there were 72 there, it looks like this Walmart, and this unknowing employee, received a full case of Supers as part of their shipment.  Of course we would love to see the actual box they came in, or even talk to the employee.  Maybe we can find that person at some point.

And assuming that this was a full case of 72 Supers, how did that happen?  The quick conclusion is someone’s stash at the factory was accidentally sealed and shipped, and that may be the case.  But it isn’t always a matter of shenanigans.  Mattel has reason to fill up a case, maybe for a promotion, or for a licensor, or for many other reasons.  This may have been reserved for one of those purposes, but considering the 8 Crate is an unlicensed model, and there is no company logo on the model, that might be unlikely.

So whatever it is, we may never know.  All we do know is Zachary and his son had a day you and I might dream of, and they will surely not forget.

And by the way, in case you are wondering.  Zack’s 3-year-old has one in his playbox, many are being shipped to friends, and the rest?  That is up to Zack.  He has every right to do what he wants, as he is the lucky guy who had the find of the century.

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  1. Thanks Zack for the 2 out the 72ct $TH case! One is for my friends dad that's a big HW collector. This year has been very rough on him and his dad since his dad was diagnosed with cancer. This week it will be on the way Chicago for him! If was most of you I would want of these $TH's from that case. I believe this was a great and fun experience for Zach and his son. Something to remember forever! Glad I have a piece of it and history!

  2. What a score , found two of these recently in brisbane , problem was the super car was swapped out at factory and replaced by the standard one. I opened the boxes myself. Pin oz we get boxes with 71 cars in me , the supers just don't get packed sometimes.

  3. no matter what car it is no sane person needs 72 of the same car this guy is greedy because “I hid 3/4 of them behind some track sets as we went to grab a cart” if that's not greedy and selfish not sure what is

  4. Too bad dat idiot is gonna go on ebay or conventions and sell them for more than wat they're worth. And even if it were me, i still wouldn't buy all of them. If but 2, one for me and da other for my boy. I'm a true collector. Not in it for da money.

  5. Actually he traded the cars to other collectors and gave a lot away! I don't understand the issue. He didn't didn't have to share this with anyone. He could have done what you said and sold them for all the money on ebay but he didn't. He is a true collector. I have 1 of the 72 ct. But I have 1 found in the wild and 1 bought from another state. So I have 3 total. Maybe if you contact him and make a friend he would trade one for something you have that he needs.

  6. I'm with Zack. Incredible find, amazing story! You found them in the store, you have the money to buy them, buy as many as you want, end of story.

  7. We have scalpers here in my town. They go every night and grab the boxes from the Walmart stockers and pull out all the treasures and supers. The normal collectors never have a chance at any of them. We are always about 6 months behind for any of the hot wheels.

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