Lamley Finds: Someone’s store returns are another’s treasure…

Yeah, returning models to the store that you have had in your possession for a few years is a crappy move.  I just don’t think that someone opened a box, looked at the models, and vocally expressed their displeasure with how those Hot Wheels were unsatisfactory based on their expectations.  You bought them at some point, you should figure out what to do with them.  And it should be something other than returning them.


Sometimes returns are the real treasure.  Take today.  I am traveling, and got into town and had a minute to check a Target near the hotel.  I was surprised to see quite a few 2008-2010 Hot Wheels models hanging on the pegs.  I took a look at a few, and based on the models that were there (mostly licensed), I decided to dig in.

I checked the pegs and the bin below.  By the time I was done, I had put these aside:

Almost all of these are models I have wanted to add to the collection after passing on them when they were actually out, and while I have the R32 Skyline, I wasn’t going to leave it.  And that Evo!  (I think I left another.  Should I go back and get it?)  And considering these were $.79 each, I think I did pretty well.

And as great as those Hot Wheels finds were, it was the Matchbox pegs that really delivered.  I moved down the aisle to the Matchbox section and saw that they too were holding some older models.  It was a little treat to flip through the pegs to see what treasures were hidden behind each other.  And treasures they were:

Ah, the Golden Age of Matchbox, represented right here at Target.  Remember when this was the bulk of what was hanging?  I got a little nostalgic to be honest while going through these.

And the cool thing?  These were EXACT SAME pegs that inspired the “Mattel, we want Matchbox back” post that I wrote a few weeks ago, and that garnered quite a bit of attention.  These magic pegs are really trying to tell us something…

So yeah, returns are wrong.  And yeah, returns are awesome.  What a fund day of finds.

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  1. Holy mother of god, those Matchboxes are awesome! Truly epic find! I've been dying to find an Audi RS6 and here you are posting that very same car. I swear if I was living anywhere near you, I would raid your house for those. Matchbox, are you listening? We want these back! No those crappy plastic generics. We want real cars!

  2. It would be nice to know if ANYONE from Mattel reads this and what there comments are on the original post and this one – I for one can only see one of two ways – go back to the glory days and produce decent stuff that sells – or get shut down permanently

  3. So people actually return Hot Wheels and Matchbox? I still don't understand this. I found a 240Z from 2006 at Kroger the other day. Someone would return to a Kroger? It's just interesting to me, but all the cars you found are gorgeous! Great job!

  4. I love finding random old cars on the pegs. A couple of years ago, I found a 1997 Matchbox gold Audi Avus on the pegs at a kmart. It made me smile.

  5. HA! I'm finding this post to be a bit schizophrenic…lol. I have had no problem wrapping my head around returning Hot Wheels or any other die-cast. After MANY years of collecting, I know for a fact, and everyone should, that what I return will sell to someone who desires that model. And they will appreciate it greatly. Also, it will sell for whatever the going price is at that store, not an inflated price at another outlet. I, too, have found returns such as these. A happy, HAPPY day it was! Now, if you bought a shirt and stunk it up and returned it…THAT's a CRAPPY move. Don't return less-than-pristine merchandise. How could you live with yourself knowing you've done that?

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