Break those piggy banks: A huge collection of super-rare Hot Wheels variations appears on eBay…

This is something I just had to pass on…

Rare Hot Wheels variations have always been an interest of mine, and I know I share that with quite a few of you.  I have had personal conversations with quite a few people about their favorites, those they were lucky to find, how much they paid for a specific vari, and what variations still elude them.

Well, if you are a variation collector, and still have quite a few variations on your want list, we HIGHLY suggest you check out the listings from this seller:

Hot Wheels rare variations from hotwheelchuck59

This is a goldmine of variations, from an era (2004-2012) when variation-collecting was serious business.  Looking through these listings, my jaw would continue to drop.  As soon as I would gather said chin back, the next listing would make it happen all over again.  It is an event just to see ONE of these variations on eBay, let alone all of these together.

There are 210 hard-to-find variation listings, and among them you will find (click on the title of each to go directly to the listing):

2009 Datsun Bluebird 510 with 5-spoke wheels:

The 5sp Datsun is becoming the grandaddy of JDM variations, and is easily one of the hardest variations to find for any vari collector.

2006 Toyota AE-86 Corolla in matte grey (5-spokes & FTE) and white with 3-spokes:

Another group of variations that every variation collector was after, and all still garner a lot of attention today.  The grey with 5-spokes is especially difficult to find.

2006 Datsun 240Z in white with FTE wheels and 10-spokes:

The white with 10sp is probably the rarer of the two, but the FTE is probably the more desired.  It was an official Mattel release that was for some reason released in very small numbers, and only on a short card.

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in grey with 10-spokes:

This one was hard to find, but not as difficult as others.  As the Evo has gained popularity over the years, this one has become highly desired.

2010 Cadillac CTS-V with PR5:

Not as rare as the black CTS with lace wheels, but still very hard to find.  And it looks really good too.

2006 Nissan 350Z with chrome-lipped co-mold wheels:

Standard was comold wheels without the chrome lip.  I got lucky and found one at TRU back in the day.  But as rare as that one was…

2006 Nissan 370Z with lace wheels:

Whoa.  I remember hearing about this one.  I had NEVER seen one until today.  Sigh…

2006 Aston Martin V6 Vantage in white with 10-spokes:

Only of 3 others.  This is on a lot of want lists.

COPO Corvette with white interior:

No one know how it happened, but some COPO’s appeared with white interior.  I have always wanted one, but never found it.

2005 ’69 Pontiac GTO in orange with yellow windows:

Transitional from the black version.  The orange was supposed to have clear windows.

2006 Nissan Titan in silver with PR5 wheels:

Another in very small numbers.  I got lucky and found one at Kdays packaged with a license plate holder.

2006 Dieselboy with red wheels:

You might see me bid on this one.  A model I once had, and have regretted selling it ever since.  The very first models off the line had red wheels, but it was quickly changed to chrome.  Very few made it to the pegs.  I have not seen it on eBay for years.

There are some of the models that caught our interest, but there are quite a few more, including Snap-On Skylines, no tampo R32’s, and on and on.  We highly suggest to check them out.  These don’t pop up often…

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