This week’s As is the Custom is now up on the Lamley Customs Blog…

We are now a week in, and all seems to be going great with the new Lamley Customs Blog.  We are so thankful for the positive comments from all of you, and are really happy to have our custom coverage back.

Our Custom Editors Seth and Chris did a fantastic job with As Is last week, and have already added two new features to the blog.  Look for an “Artist of the Week” feature every Wednesday, where one customizer will be featured, and the “Friday Night Likes” feature on Friday (duh), which is an expansion on a custom contest Seth and Chris have been managing on Instagram.

We have also added one more to the team.  Luke Baumstark (@lukeshotwheels on Instagram), a master customizer himself, has joined Seth and Chris to help create content for the Lamley Customs weekly features.  Be sure to look for him on Instagram and Facebook, and if he, like Seth, Chris, or me for that matter, ask you to send in photos of your work, we suggest you do.

Anyway, Luke handled this week’s installment of As Is, and we think you will like it a lot.  You can find it here:

May 10th As is the Custom on Lamley Customs


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