For the Kyosho fans: Another massive update at Curitiba Customs…

Speaking strictly as a collector, not a blogger, here are few things that I look forward to every month:

  • The announcement of new Tomica Limited Vintage, and the release of that month’s batch (usually happens within the same week each month) at Japan Booster.
  • The arrival of a new Hot Wheels batch at Wheel Collectors.
  • The release of the Matchbox Ambassador Report.
  • The announcement of a new Kyosho series.
  • The site update at Curitiba Customs.
Let’s focus on that last one.  Curitiba Customs, who specialize in older, hard-to-find Kyosho, update their online store every month on average, and it just happened yesterday.  As soon as the word is out, I, like a plethora of other folks, drop what I am doing and hit the site to see what has been added, and what I can snag.  It is like a mini RLC sale.
Like I said, it happened yesterday, and I went to battle.  I came away with some pretty good stuff:

I cannot wait to get these and showcase them on the blog.  They should be here soon.
But there are still a ton available, including some highly sought-after models.  You can see them all here (if you don’t speak Portuguese, there is an English version, just look in the upper right corner):
Some that, at last check, were still available:

We are going to do our best each month to let the masses know when the update will hit, so everyone has a shot at the good stuff on sale.  Be ready…

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