Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch K, Matchbox Batch D are now out at Wheel Collectors…

There is a lot of goodness in this post…

Confirmed goodness?  A lot of the models in Hot Wheels 2015 Batch K, including the Buick Riviera in red, the Chevy C10 in yellow, the VW Caddy in silver, and that sexy Corvette ZR1 in gulf colors.  Also, the BMW 1M (or M1 according to BMW), Toyota 4Runner, and the very cool Romanian GHE-O Rescue from Matchbox 2015 Batch D.

Unconfirmed goodness?  The Acura NSX.  We need to see this in hand, and we will soon.  The jury is out.  And the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, but you already know about that.

Nonetheless, they are all available now at Wheel Collectors, and you can see all the models here:

Hot Wheels 2015 Batch K

Matchbox 2015 Batch D

If a few models do strike your fancy, don’t forget to pair them with the models in the ongoing Lamley Deal Sale.  You JDM fans would surely enjoy a parcel containing an NSX, a Toyota Racing 4Runner, and a Boulevard Skyline and Datsun Wagon.  All can be done now:

Lamley Deal Sale at Wheel Collectors

What models are you after?

11 Replies to “Surprise! Hot Wheels Batch K, Matchbox Batch D are now out at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. These new cars make my mouth water. I'm a noob to the diecast world. I've only been collecting since 3 months ago and have amassed over 400 cars so far. So, when would we expect to see these release in easily accessible places like walmart? I dont know how the batch and release schedules work. Like, when do you guys usually find the new stuff at walmart? At the beginning, middle or end of the month? Or is it all random? I ask specifically about walmart because they have the cheapest price and considering how much I've bought within 3 months, I'll need to shop there to keep costs low. I already blew over $300 just through eBay. All I know is that I WANT these cars!

  2. No doubt, the GHE-O, 4-Runner (actually looks realistic unlike the gray one a while back), Ford GT, fireboat, Drill Dozer (yellow and black looks better than blue and yellow)and BMW are awesome (I think red is the best color it's been in): but they aren't worth the typical Ebay scalper prices. Sure supply and demand, but stores only want a dollar each for them.

    It would be about $6 for those at the local store, but what Wheel Collectors wants, is quadruple the amount at almost $25.

  3. 1. Ya sure there's gonna be no takers on the Aston? Good. I'll have 4 of it. If only I get one of that car for every bloke who says “Meh” or “Nah” for that casting…
    2. The hype for both the NSX and the Gulf C6 ZR1 is real. And warranted, too.
    3. Incredible livery on the Buick Riviera.

  4. There's something… not right about that NSX. Porportions are odd and it's sitting too high. Wheels are also too big.

    The M1 and 4Runner are sweet though.

  5. I thought I was bad, but oh my gosh… I've been on an Ebay frenzy myself. Get's very, very addicting. Especially scooping up Ferrari Racers and Speed Machines ~ had to spring for a Red F430 Racer and even though it ended at $80.00.. I had to have it!
    Good luck!

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