Fakes are always fakes: Beware the factory custom…

We thought it prudent to get the word out on these:

If the person who one this is happy with this acquisition, more power to them, but it is probably important to get the word out about what it actually is.
It is a fake.  Nothing more.
This listing is calling it a Zamac Super Evo, and we have also seen models that are called test models, preproduction, or the like.  It isn’t.  It is a manipulated model done in the factory for the sole purpose of selling for ridiculous prices on eBay to the unknowing public.  Unpainted bodies are secretly put through the tampo machine, available wheels are added, and the thing gets carded under the radar as well.
So, knowing that it was done in the factory may entice some, but there is nothing official about this.  It is exactly the same as someone faking a rare variation and selling it on eBay.
We have seen this done with other popular models, namely the Datsun 510 Wagon.  Several photos were popping up on Instagram and Facebook showing a Zamac 510 Wagon, but it was the same factory fake.  An unpainted model with the same tampo color scheme as the 2015 version in yellow.  If the 510 Wagon were released as a Zamac, the design would be the same, but the colors different.
One other thing we will say.  It is only a few people in the factory that do this.  Most folks who work in the factories, or collectors in the same area, are fantastic people.  We have gotten to know quite a few of them through the Lamley Blog, and they are as passionate as any collector we know.  So if you want to comment on this situation, please stay away from blanket statements about our good friends in Malaysia.
So, if you want this model, I guess go for it.  But if you paid over $200 for something you thought was legit, I am sorry…

13 Replies to “Fakes are always fakes: Beware the factory custom…”

  1. I would never buy one of these but I can understand why some one would. When you think of it, this is technically a real Hot Wheels and is extremely rare

  2. ten years after this consider people this one as platinum piece
    if its carded and riveted from factory no one care this is a fake its just one and only !
    i didnt defend the scamers that do this but in look from future this is super grail 😀

  3. I don't have much problem with this, manipulated as it may be, at least it's an actual TH. My problem is with the people on ebay who are doing wheel swaps on mainlines and selling them as “CUSTOM Super Treasure Hunts”. They may be custom, but they're not hunts by any means.

  4. This has been going on for a LONG time!

    Anyone ever heard of the Lesney Matchbox Dodge Wrecker with a green cab and yellow wrecker? It was purposefully done by Lesney factory workers in the '70s? I think, just to sell for ridiculous money, and they still do today.

  5. Home made custom for big bucks on ebay? WRONG, non-factory and evil.
    Created by legit, paid employee (big bucks still wrong)? Unusual, but very interesting.
    Because it was executed and packaged in house.. I consider it an original HW's/Mattel product. Though it is not right for the sake of capitalizing huge dollars, use caution and if you can get this at a low reasonable price?…. very interesting, very interesting.

  6. the problem is how do you differentiate real vs fake $th? the scammer in the factory could have make identical fake $th from the leftovers of the real $. i've seen some sellers on ebay or FB selling lots of $th even when the batch has not been released in us. they could have 10-15 identical $th in their hand, the conditions is either loose or still in blister. i mean cmon, its very hard just to find 1$th, how can they own that many so early?

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