Lamley Case Report: Opening a 2015 International K Case…

They are coming in fast.  It seems the H, J, and K cases have all hit at about the same time, at least to hobby dealers.

After a bit of a drought, H hit big box and hobby stores at about the same time, and then hobby stores got J and K just a couple of weeks apart.  So while the world awaits the Escort frenzy at their local dump bins, hobby stores are moving on to the Acura NSX frenzy.

That means we have yet to do our US J Case Report, but we will as soon as we can get our hands on one.  Same goes for the US K Case.

But for now we have an International K Case to check out, as documented by our friends at Wheel Collectors.

As usual, they picked a random case in their shipment, and photographed every three models as they removed them from the case.  So let’s see what they pulled:

Hot Wheels 2015 K Case:

A nice case.  No Super, but the Evo isn’t the highlight anyway (although certain fanboys will disagree with me).  The Gulf ZR1 (which wasn’t found in this case) is definitely a keeper, as is that red Riviera.  Plus I don’t think collectors will complain about two Escorts and two NSX’s.

K should be a very popular batch…

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  1. THX for the pics. Love that Great Gatspeed. It's gonna make for some cool customs eventually.
    “The Gulf ZR1 is definitely a keeper”… ??? There is no ZR1 shown, “Gulf” or otherwise.

  2. 1. Whatever that Driftsta is, I dig it.
    2. Last pic is gonna be a goldmine… if it stays in the middle of the peg.
    3. If this is gonna be the last of the GT3's, I'll stop with my calls to send the castings in question away.

  3. This was an awesome case. There was a couple of '90 NSX, there was the Mitsubishi evo, and of course, the escort. However, I am very disappointed with the escort. I bought one the other day at a hobby store, and by the looks of it, I think hot wheels messed up with the rally head lights. They stick out to much, they are bulky, and they kind of make the car look stupid. They would be much better as a molded piece coming off the grill. Also, I am wildly intrigued by that great gatspeed think. for some reason, I like it. Well, apart from the escort, a great case.

  4. Looking forward to some of these. @Owen. I've not seen the HW Escort yet but would say that one the real works Escorts the lights were big, stuck out and looked wrong – however they did their work and helped make the Escort THE rally car of its era. It stayed there until more exotic cars – the Audi Quattro etc came along.

    There will be some of these box that I will be leaving for others.


    Note to Mattel – please no red/purple tints on recoloured Escorts etc.

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