First Look: Some interesting new generics from Hot Wheels and Matchbox…

No, you won’t see many non-licensed models on Lamley, unless of course it is something like the Mad Manga or Hazard Squad.  Unlicensed, but very realistic.

So when we do decide to show some generics, instead of spending two or even three separate articles on them, we might as well put them together.  So consider this your generic fix.  And yeah, there is even one model here we are actually quite fond of.

It isn’t the Loopster, which is a creative model that has plastic hooks on either side to make a roller coaster chain.  We are curious to see if you can attach a few together and run it on a track.  Other than that the only thing that is grabs our attention is the fact that some come with a figure raising their arms, and the other doesn’t.  We will have to see if one is more rare than the other.  Cool model.

Then the Matchbox.  If you guessed the Meter Made was the car I like, you are correct.  Maybe not enough to collect, but a cool vehicle none the less.  A unique choice by Matchbox, and well executed.  Could drive the streets of NYC, or could serve as a modern Japanese kei car.  It definitely has style, and surely has a place in the line for awhile.

As does the Rain Maker.  It is a little out of proportion, but ok nonetheless.

There might be more to say about these, but we will save those words for the next batch of Hot Wheels and Matchbox we are showing.  They are coming…

4 Replies to “First Look: Some interesting new generics from Hot Wheels and Matchbox…”

  1. I quite like all 3. Are the figures in 2 parts so that you could have hand raisers in the front as well?

    The meter reader pickup looks like a modern Reliant TW9.

    The generic chaps at Matchbox seem to have eased off bug eyed looks, numerous air horns, implausible designs etc etc. the only thing against the sprayer is a lack of nozzles and crop crunching tyres. Those I've seen have skinny tyres to fit between the rows of sprouting crops- however a suitable wheel isn't in MB's back catalogue.


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