First Look: The Mitsubishi Galant & Isuzu 117 from the Tomica Limited Vintage April Batch…

It is about time we show a Tomica Limited Vintage model here on Lamley.  It has been awhile.

I am still settling into the new digs, and that means the TLV collection is still safely boxed away, buried in a sea of diecast:

Up top you can also see my Carney displays, waiting patiently to return to their glory in the new house (and maybe with a couple more to make it even better).  But for now they stay sealed up.

But thankfully, a few days ago, Japan Booster sent the April batch of TLV, so we have some beauties to look at.  Thank goodness, because I miss my beloved TLV’s.

The April batch, compared to the last few, and the upcoming batches, is small.  Only four models, and only two castings.  These castings were released in the past, but in true TLV fashion, there are some subtle changes to reflect the specific model they represent.  It isn’t just a tampo change.  Of course we would show the differences, but we aren’t digging through that pile above to find the past models.

So enjoy the Italian-designed Isuzu 117 (these colors are easily the best yet, and those wheels are neato) and the 3rd-generation Mitsubishi Galant.  TLV has a large collection of Galants forming, especially the older Galants that definitely win the character competition compared to the more recent offerings.

And remember, all are available at Japan Booster, and don’t forget FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.

Tomica Limited Vintage Isuzu 117 Coupe 1800:

Mitsubishi Galant Σ Eterna 2000 GSR & 1600 GL


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