Up Close with the Matchbox Power Grabs, by David Tilley…

With many thanks to my friend Tom Sarlitto of Midwest Diecast Miniatures I now have a full set of Power Grab models. So I thought I would do a little up close with them.

So as we all know, they come in blind bags with the Matchbox logo on it, and a picture of some of the older 2013 issue generic models on the cover. But these are all 2015s.

There is a small clear circle on the bottom corner with which you can see inside.

And can have a small peek on a model if you shuffle it into the corner.

However, there is a really big giveaway. The left hand corner has the date code stamped on it, and next to the date code a number between 01 and 11 which actually tells you which model it is. Doh! That is if you know which model is assigned to each number.

When you tear open the package inside you will simply find the model along with a small piece of plain white cardboard.

Placing the model on top you do actually see just how big the bag is in comparison to the model inside. It is quite large, and I would say probably about the size of a large blister.

And here we have the 11 models in question shown in order. But for those who are just after specific models, this is them in number order….

Power Grab #1 Turn Tamer

Power Grab #2 Mini Dozer

Power Grab #3 Cliff Hanger

Power Grab #4 Lamborgini Gallardo LP-560-4 Polizia

Power Grab #5 VW Saveiro Cross

Power Grab #6 Blaze Blitzer

Power Grab #7 Load Lifter

Power Grab #8 Crime Crusher 4×4

Power Grab #9 Badlander

Power Grab #10 Blockade Buster

Power Grab #11 Sand Shredder

So there you go. A nice little series. Okay some of the models are not the greatest. This is the first time I have seen the Crime Crusher 4×4 as the 2014 basic range ones have not been released in the UK yet. I am sure I heard something about a second set being done later in the year too. Hopefully before I come back from USA in July and I can grab them while there. But they are making it a little too easy to figure out which model is which. Putting a window in there to peek inside is one thing, but putting the number on there too just makes it too easy. Okay the uninitiated will now know and will just grab whatever is there. I remember Lego when they first did the minifigures made it a little too easy as they had unique bar codes on the rear. They changed it to little raised bumps, but it can still be worked out. So I suppose in general most companies tend to have identifiers for supposed blind bags.

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  1. Like the HW's Mystery models, they would have all the cars in the series printed on the back of the bag; also in larger print found on the display box. Each tiny pic of each car would have a number next to it.
    As with this MBX series, you find the code stamped on the front – the last two numbers on the right would indicate the model, to be exact.

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