Last Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Nationals Convention Cars…

Our journey through the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention models comes to close today…

It was quite a batch of Convention models this year, from the surprisingly cool Turbine Time, to the wonderfully done Greenwood Vette and Charger Funny Car.

Those were the surprises.  But there were three we already knew about, and they looked even better in person than they did in the preview photos.  The Drag Dairy, ’67 Ford Bronco, and especially the Mustang Boss 302 were all stunners.

And yeah, we realize that these models were only available at the event, and now only available via ebay and other secondary markets.  But we are showing them because they may entice you to try and attend the next convention (this fall, in LA).  Or maybe because we like to show models in the Lamley collection, and these three are sure additions.

Ultimately, these are models that need to be photographed and shown, just because they are so good looking.  They represent Hot Wheels at its best.  So here they are…

Hot Wheels Nationals Convention Models:

’69 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Drag Dairy

1967 Ford Bronco

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  1. The Drag Dairy is meh to me, but the mustang is outstanding. If it didn't have the convention tampo on the roof, I'd consider it perfect. The bronco, is as always, cool, but not a must have for me

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