First Look: New 2015 Matchbox 10-packs in the UK at Tesco, by David Tilley…

Well, things are finally getting moving in the UK.  We still have not touched 2015 yet with singles, but after the first 2x 5-packs appeared last month, we now move into 2015 on the 10-packs too.
We get the Two Story Bus exclusive pack…
…and Caterham Superlight R500 pack.
I was wondering just how long it would take for these to appear.  The last batch was out long before Christmas, and these should have been quite early in January (I would have thought).  The packages are dated H03, with models produced in either H02 or H03, meaning it was all done in the factory during the second and third weeks of January.
So now to show the exclusives a little better (I mean, you can’t see them properly boxed up).
First up, we get the Two Story Bus.  After the gold/white debut in 2013, we saw an all-red version in 2014 in the basic range.  Now with this appearing as a 10-pack exclusive, this could mean that there may not be a basic range version.  Usually, lately, Mattel make the 9/10-pack exclusives only available there, with no basic range version.  However, last year, the Ford Superlift was in both single and 9/10-packs so the rule may be a little more relaxed.  Only time will tell.
It is a very nice design, with simple lines and a banner going across it.  A rather classy and realistic look.
For those interested, the logo on the side says “City Tours Limited, Matchbox Exclusive”.  
I have to admit, I really like the look of the Caterham.  It is black with a dark green dual stripe system.
Although I have to laugh.  On the alternate side, the dual stripes are hidden behind the side pipe.  They are there, but you have to really look to see them.
As is often the case, the front also receives a tampo hit too.  I like this one.  The wheels suit it really well.  I much prefer it to the last version from 2014, even though I liked that one too.
Me being me, I did find a couple of shades on models too.
The 2006 Utility Truck from the 2015 Construction Zone 5-pack is a much lighter shade of orange than it came with in the 5-pack.
And the Seed Shaker from 2014s basic range can be found in a more yellowy shade of orange than it was in the basic range.
The best part about all this?  Tesco are currently doing a “buy 1, get one half price” deal.  So I spent less than I needed to. 

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  1. I may buy the 10-pack for that Caterham. Normally I don't care for colored rims, but this one looks pretty cool. May keep the Jeep, too, but all the rest will likely go into my 25-cent sale box for the next local Hot Wheels club meeting. Thanks for the pics!

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