The April batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is now available at Japan Booster, and a new Civic and Nissan Safari are coming…

That is probably not the most compelling title for an article, but there is a lot of Tomica Limited Vintage information to cram into one post.

Tomica Limited Vintage releases a new batch of models around the middle of every month, and at the same time announce the batch for 6 months later.  So get used to posts like this about this time every month.

Let’s start with what is out.  Our friends at Japan Booster have just listed the April batch of four models, which includes one of our favorites from last year, the Isuzu 117 Coupe in two new colors, as well as the Mitsubishi Galant Sigma GL & GSR.  You can find them listed at the Japan Booster store:

Japan Booster Tomica Limited Vintage Store

All look really good.  We are really fond of the wheels on the Isuzu, and you will be surprised how much you like the Galant.  Remember, you can buy all four, or pair what you want with some older models to qualify for Free Shipping.  You just need to spend $50, and that is as good of a deal as you will see for TLV.

And like we said, TLV will also announce the upcoming batch for 6 months forward, which in this case is September, and we are super excited with what is coming:

Nissan Safari Extra Van DX (New Model):

Honda Civic SiR-S

Honda Civic SiR-II

Hino HE366 Model Car Transporter (Honda Express)

How awesome are those?  The Honda Civics will be huge hits for sure, the Transporter will be expensive, but worth it, and how about the Nissan Safari?  TLV never ceases to surprise.

We know Tomica Limited Vintage is making new fans daily, especially on the heels of the Nissan GT-R Nismos that were released the last couple of months.  And considering “Vintage” is their bread and butter, there is a lot to get excited about in the coming months:

May 2015: Debut of the Toyota Century Sedan is the highlight of this batch (look at those mirrors!), and we will never complain about more Isuzu Bellets and Toyota TownAce Vans.

June 2015: Supra, Supra, Supra.  These will be VERY popular.

July 2015: Speaking of popular, the 2-door Datsun 510 makes its debut.  Fanboys are already lining up.  Not to mention a DR30 Skyline and a Celica.

August 2015: The model I am most looking forward to this year so far, the Toyota Crown Wagon.  CAN’T WAIT to see the finished product.  On top of that, two 4-door Hakosukas and Toyota Sports 800.

Let’s just say I love being a TLV collector…

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  1. That Nissan Safari is a goos excuse for another Seibu Keisatsu special model.

    Along with the 3 RS Machines and Super Z, a specially customised Nissan Safari was used in the show.

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