Just Unveiled: 2015 Hot Wheels 1990 Acura NSX…

When the 2015 Hot Wheels lineup was announced, one new model stood out as our most anticipated, and we know lot of you agreed with us.  Finally, a proper Acura NSX, newly dubbed a 25-year-old Nostalgic, was coming to Hot Wheels.

Well, we now have the exclusive first images:


This appears to be an NSX Type R, which didn’t exist in 1990.  And the flares seem to be a little large, as does the rear wheel.  No up-sloped chin, but it does appear the exaggerated racing themes have struck the NSX.

So yeah, another track car, and considering we already have a track-themed NSX in the line-up, this one is a bit of a bummer.  Definitely more “stock”, but not as much as we thought.  It is ultimately a kids toy, but when you see “1990 Acura NSX”, you have to think they had collectors in mind when it was designed.  Oh well.

There are some things to like.  At certain angles that fantastic slender silhouette of the NSX comes through, and we hope once we have it in hand we will like it a lot more.  One way or the other, we are still looking forward to this one.  Right now, we are a little underwhelmed.

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  1. Still a million times better than the original NSX casting. Right now I'm counting my blessings because it could have been worse. It could have had one of those, oh my god….chins!

  2. I really like it, for what it is; a toy car, which happens to be collected by adults. I prefer it with exagerated wheels, very “hot wheelish” and it's got the right color.

  3. Hot Wheels – Use those exaggerated wheels with Mustangs & Corvettes. Spare the classics esp Japanese classics Or still better… don't do it and give a chance for Matchbox.
    Phew… I'm tired of this ranting.

  4. This is waaaaay awesome. I didn't go in with a lot of high expectations about the final outcome. They just about nailed it.
    My only gripe is that weird tail section. I don't know why they deviated from stock? The wing sits too high and too narrow.. plus it has sort of side supports.. it doesn't mold down into the quarters.

    This will go great, though, next to my race themed green '01 2010 Hot Wheels Speed Machines NSX.

  5. I can see why they have used the large rear wheels, still hate them though – but what's with this fascination of branding Honda's as Acura's, that was the HONDA NSX, it is known the world over as such, I know Honda are pushing Acura, because even after all these years, the brand is still struggling, but i feel it would have been better with the Honda badge on the nose not the Acura one.

  6. I like the more aggressive look that Hotwheels have given it – I always thought the NSX by Honda looked a little plain on the side profile when standing at the front or rear of the car…

  7. I like the more aggressive look that Hotwheels have given it – I always thought the NSX by Honda looked a little plain on the side profile when standing at the front or rear of the car…

  8. Yeah. For something that literally changed the supercar game in the 90's, the styling was restrained. Then again, that car came from the same guys that make the Accord, which makes the NSX an even more phenomenal car.

  9. Like the poster above me said, this is one of those cases where the liberties taken by the designer of this casting actually improve the look of it, in my opinion at least. Imagine if they tried to perfectly recreate a bone stock NSX, it would be bland as hell

  10. A 200 some-odd-HP V6 is hardly a supercar, lets stick with saying it helped in changing the sportscar game. It could have been super, but…… NSX totally had the potential of being something grand. But per usual Honda didn't have the balls to truly be in your face about it and give it the power it could have.

  11. Nice, though the wing bothers me for a 1990 NSX and not a Type R. Also i would to like to see what details are inside under the roof as long as its not blacked-out. I can see one with the 10-spoke wheels and the targa panel removed to resemble the 1997 NSX-T.

  12. There was no NSX Type R in 1990 but there was one in 1992, although this model seems to have the NA2 Type R rear wing. It's interesting that you picked out the wing as deviating from stock but didn't mention anything about the sideskirts or, even more obvious, the rear diffuser. At least the rear wing is similar to an actual OEM part, even if it's from a later model.

    I never bought any of the previous racing NSX models since the mold looked really off to me but I might give this one a shot.

  13. I am both disappointed yet still happy.

    Looking at the old NSX, I assumed this time HW would do a proper stock version. But this doesn't look stock, does it? There's the large rear wheels (wtf) and the Type R bodykit. Not that I am complaining. I do like it when Hot Wheels goes slightly out of the way and makes a standard car but one with modifications from the factory, so it can still be called stock. HW have done this in the past (e.g Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo Z-Tune).

    Getting back to the NSX, I like what they've done. Its a simple looking car with mods that at least look like they came from the factory. I surely want to get my hands on it. Its just that this is not what I imagined when they said they were doing “1990 Acura NSX”.

  14. I wish Mattel would let Matchbox do stock versions of all the cars and Hot Wheels could do all modded versions. I would love to see what Matchbox would have done with this one.

  15. TYPE R! TYPE R! Though I did see the photo directly above the description and the base is stamped, ” '90 Acura NSX “.
    If i'm not mistaken, the Type R wasn't offered until 1992!
    Maybe the packaging will include Type R into the product title, beneath the bubble.. maybe not.
    You could have mentioned also, that the Type R comes equipped with an air diffuser integrated into the rear base; an item not found on a standard NSX.
    Anyhow, the point is, when it comes out, I gotta hav'it!!!

  16. Completely fine with it. These are not my photos, and many times we see things at the same time. Plus, Doug always asks, and when I use his I ask him. If you remember, we also held a raffle last month to help raise funds for Doug and T-Hunted to buy a new computer.

  17. This “blog in Brazil” is T-hunted and Doug (founder of the blog) is very good friends with Lamley. Both use each other's photos a lot. So no problem there.

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