First Look: Hot Wheels Redline Club Party Exclusive Dodge Charger Funny Car…

I am not big on Funny Cars.  They are too funny looking.  But apparently I like pink funny cars, because this one is a keeper.

The RLC Party Car is just that.  It is handed out (or sold) to RLC member attending the Convention, who come to the party.  And is it a party?  Well, not necessarily like the parties I attend.  And I am not talking about some all-night frat shindig either.  Parties for us adults usually means a little food, some drinks, a lot of mingling, and only a few seats.

This one was a tray of cookies, many attendees defying the laws of physics with the stack of cookies they create, a raffle drawing, and too many seats.  But that is how it has always been.  Too bad I had a phone call I had to take and had to leave.

So I didn’t get a stack of cookies, but I did get a model.  And it is awesome.  The RLC Party car is always pink, and is always in a baggie.  To me that means it is begging to be opened, so it was.  And damn if it doesn’t look good…

This is another that will be impossible to get without going to eBay.  Mattel makes sure only attendees have access to one.  However you can get it, it is worth having…

Hot Wheels Dodge Charger Funny Car (2015 Nationals RLC Party Exclusive):

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Redline Club Party Exclusive Dodge Charger Funny Car…”

  1. Oh man that is so sick! I love mopars anyway, but this thing is cool period. The long charger body doesn't suffer at all from the funny car style, looks right at home. The pink even looks good, since old mopars had the crazy colors

  2. I hate that gems like this are only offered in special editions. This is a casting that should be availible to all. These are the casting that every collector wants. From the Power Wagon to the repro of past models and their limited to some. I hate it I loath RLC for just that fact. Thanks for the artical and no disrespect but I hate seeing a great casting like this come out knowing I will never get my hands on it. Mattel knows what we want they limit them and others profit from it. Not fair to all of us that are life long and loyal to the brand.

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