Sold Out!! RLC BRE Datsun 240Z sells out in 5 minutes…

What it was was fast, what is wasn’t was a surprise…

The BRE 240Z showed SOLD OUT 6 minutes after it went on sale, and it was most likely earlier than that.  That means the 240Z, with 4500 produced, performed the same way as RLC stalwarts like the Blown Delivery, Drag Bus, and Texas Drive ‘Em, all which sell out in minutes as well.

That is quite the change since the BRE Datsun 510 went on sale.  Only 3000 sold out, and it took 2 hours to sell out.  What’s more, the exact same Datsun 240Z casting that was an RLC exclusive in nostalgic Hot Wheels livery was available in the RLC store for over TWO YEARS before it finally sold out on a Thursday Deal.

JDM is white hot, and Mattel knows it.  If you missed out on this one, there is bound to be other chances to grab some Hot Wheels JDM goodness in the future, starting with the Shelby Toyota 2000GT later this year.  RLC memberships are sold out now, but when the new RLC year starts, it might be a good time to join.

So, who got their BRE 240Z?  Who missed out?

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  1. I got lucky, 2 for me. One to open for the display case, the other to keep sealed.

    By the way, was hoping to meet you at the convention last weekend, but didnt get too! Hell, I dont even know what you look like…….



  2. Actually, the HWC Texas Drive Em took a little while to sell out back in 2011 (I think it was 2011…). While it is a rally hot item right now, the days of sub-5 minute sell outs did not start until 2013, and it was only with the two BDs, HW Racing T1 bus, Convoy Custom and I think the Dairy Delivery. Maybe the Honky Tonk Hot Rod. And as mentioned, the BRE 510 took a couple hours to sell all 3000.

    Still. I got 2, though one was a 11th hour request to help another collector out.

  3. And also, the previous HWC 240Z took a long time to sell out, but I think for different reasons. First, the $20 price point. Second, the color choice. While it was paying homage to the early 80s Speed Machines release of the Z-Whiz, the color combination was a bit too clashing. IMO, if they paid homage to theoriginal Z-Whiz and made the main color smoke, then I think it would have sold out much sooner. I will say, though, I am regretting not getting it on the Thursday deal.

  4. I got 2 and I am a happy camper. I also got and email confirmation. Checked my account and they have taken the funds out for 2 already.That is the fastest my funds have been taken out. Cool.

  5. Is it just me, or getting one of these things feels almost like a Michael Jordan shot? For starters, there's the slow server and/or glitches. Secondly, at least for me, it's work day, so I'm just praying I get that tiny window between 9:00 to 9:05 am available. I'm not joking. This morning, it felt like losing my defender, then nailing the game winning shot against a double team!

  6. I still want to know how you guys managed to get one before the official sale, especially one that's unsigned (which means that it didn't come from the sale at the BRE website last year)

  7. mmm, and the rest of us have to go and get stuffed whilst other get multiples, oh well, i suppose that shows great camaraderie within the community…

  8. Seems unfair when quite a few get 2 and others get none seems such a weighted system and probably biased to those who always buy everything that comes up only for them to turn up on ebay for extreme prices, scalpers rejoice the dollar talks

  9. Hey pokemon,Hotwheels RLC Members get 1st. chance at all RLC Hotwheels offers.On 1st. day we have a chance to buy 1 or 2 with 2 being the max.per membership.We get them at rock bottom prices.I know I being an RLC Member for 10 years.All our memberships are sold out for this year 2014/2015.The next RLC Membership will be some time in 2016.Their will be notices at “” in advance.If you have not visited this site try it.It is a great site to go to if you like HOTWHEELS.

  10. I have tried multiple times with the pre-sales for the RLC members and have come up with ZERO every time. I was lucky to get 2 this time and I plan on keeping one for my collection and give the extra away to a friend. Pay it forward.

  11. Yes, I realize this. I too am a RLC member (and believe me, I got my fair share of the datsun sale)

    But I think you may have missed my question. As you can see, this post was made on 3/31, the same day the datsun went on sale TO THE PUBLIC. And it sold out the same day of course. Now do you have your cars that you ordered in hand? No, of course you don't. Nobody does! The sale was only yesterday (typing this on 4/1) The only ones that people have are the ones that the BRE website sold last year for a ridiculous price, and those were all signed, and NOT numbered. Therefore, my question is, how does the lamley group have a numbered one already?! Nobody should have them yet. They are shipping right now. Wish they would answer some of their comments……..

    My point is, there's no way they bought one officially from the HWC site. So, how did they get it?

  12. Hello

    I never knew the RLC Membership was limited. I guess because I can't read or write. I joined in November when my Nephew and I started collecting. I guess I am lucky or something. I was able to but the Max 2 of the items I liked that sold out quickly. Who knows. I just liked the look of this car.

    I checked when I read comments about those who turn around and sell for outlandish prices.

    I can say the system is not weighted toward those that buy everything that comes up, as I do not do that.

    I also have never experienced a glitch, sync error or anything else. Don't know why. My computer crashes enough.

    As for high prices on ebay. It is what the market will bear. In Checking I found the Auction prices to vary but still are high. One was very high. the others were medium. 2 sellers who put up both cars at the same time with the same ending period did not sell the 2nd car.

    My question is, Will the price start to drop as more RLC members who like to sell the 2nd car start showing up on ebay? While supply and demand seems to make that a true statement, I was curious about it and wanted to hear what experienced watchers notice.

    Thank you

  13. For those of us collectors that are a little miffed by not getting this model, One must understand that these cars although exclusive for the first day to RLC members does not mean we were handed a free lunch card. RLC has a annual $membership fee and is open to tens of thousands of memberships so anyone can join. Many of the collectors have been members for almost ten years.
    Add the membership dues and the cost of the cars plus shipping and you will quickly see that these cars are less then the resale value that certain sellars attempt to get but still not “cheap” $38.00 for two hotwheels seems a bit extreme plus add the $30.00 membership and your looking at some spendy little cars.
    If some buy them for there resale value then be so, but they worked for them (See above posts, 9am on a work day, slow servers, etc, extreme rise in blood pressure…) add to this a high demand and a relatively small supply and you get a high resale.
    Its much easier to buy off a auction site and you are guaranteed a seat at the table if you should want to pay to play.
    Wait long enough and the hype will calm down and so will the super high prices that are always the case in the first few auctions.

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