Just Unveiled: Kyosho Porsche Minicar Series 6…

Clearly Kyosho didn’t want Hot Wheels to be the only diecast company enjoying an exclusive Porsche series…

Right as Hot Wheels has released their 8-car Porsche series, Kyosho is doing them one better with a 24-car series, their 6th Porsche release.  And while that only the 991 is a brand new casting, we will be seeing some models that many of you have shown interest in, but lamented that they were very hard-to-get.  So come May, you will have your chance:

There are a lot that grab our attention, most notably for me the 930, which is a model I have wanted and haven’t been able to get.  The colors on the 934 and 964 are very cool, and we know a lot of you will be happy to see the RSR and 962C will now be easier to get, especially after hearing the comments after we featured them last week:

The Series will be released in May, and will be available as a complete set and individual models at Japan Booster.

The shop exclusive:

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  1. I'm new to kyosho so sorry for the dumb question but if you buy the big box do you get one of each or is it random? This set looks awesome!

  2. At first glance the 911(930) Turbo looks like a repop. But if you look close it is a completely new casting. The mirroers and wheels are the give away.



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