First Look: The Big Bentleys of the Kyosho Bentley Minicar Collection…

When we ordered our Kyosho Bentley set from Japan Booster, we figured we would showcase the Continental GT3 from every angle, spend a bit of time on the Supersports, and ultimately gloss over the others, in that “Oh yeah, here are a handful of photos of the other models” kind of way.

That was until we actually opened the models.  There is no denying that the GT3 is the gem of this set, but the “other models” are stars in their own right.  Big stars.  Literally.

So the plan changed.  Showcase the GT3, gloss over the Supersports, and dedicate a whole post to the large Bentleys that make up the rest of the set.

And we mentioned they are big.  Because they are.  On the road, and as Kyoshos.  You know a Mulsanne when you see one, so Kyosho duplicated that.  The Turbo R, Arnage T, and Mulsanne are huge, as is the Azure and hey, the Flying Spur is just a big Continental.  All big.

And with that, the highlight of the set, outside of the GT3, is Kyosho’s inclusion of the last three flagships dating back to the late 1980’s and moving forward, the Turbo R, Arnage T, and Mulsanne.  The Arnage in particular is a treat.  We will start with those, in order, and then move to the Azure and Flying Spur.

Before we do, we need to once again pass along kudos to Kyosho for this Bentley set.  Kyosho has had some swings and misses the last few years, with some models being very poorly designed and made, as well as a lot of repeat castings.  This Bentley set contains totally fresh castings, and they are REALLY well made.  Looking at the photos, it is hard to believe that these are 1:64 models.  For even someone like me that doesn’t have much of an opinion on Bentley, I am very happy to have this set.

They are probably must-haves for a lot of you too

Kyosho Bentley Turbo R

Kyosho Bentley Arnage T:

Kyosho Bentley Mulsanne:

Kyosho Bentley Azure:

Kyosho Bentley Flying Spur

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