The Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R got you down? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite HW Vettes…

It seems that our showcase last week of the upcoming Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R bummed a lot of you out.

Sorry about that.

But yeah, if we are being honest the C7.R is a gnarly mess.  Kind of a gargoyle Corvette.  Too small in places, too out of proportion in others, and that chin.  Yeah, it’s a bummer.

So we need to make it up to you.  We decided that the best way to do that was to jump into the Lamley collection and pull out some of our favorite Hot Wheels Corvettes.  And you know what?  There are some pretty rad Vettes from Hot Wheels.

And it starts with the C7 Corvette itself.  It makes you wonder how the C7.R could emerge as deformed as it is with such a pretty template.  And the first version in bright red with black wheels will never be beat (except by the RLC version coming up):

Even with the large rear wheels, it looks really good.  And large rear wheels will be a theme with almost all of these Vettes.  Including the fabulous Z06, which didn’t need to be made again after debuting in black:

And while we continue to move backwards, here may be the most underrated of all Hot Wheels Corvettes, the gorgeous ZR1 from the Decades series in 2011.  We knew it when we saw it on the pegs back then, and we think it even more now.  This specific model is second only to another model on this list as the best Corvette Hot Wheels has ever done.  The color, the deco, and the grey lace wheels.  Perfect:

That takes us back to the C6R, which is how a racing Vette should look.  Yes, yellow is the signature color, but we liked it in understated grey.  It isn’t the most detailed casting, but it is well proportioned:

And going side-by-side with the CR.7 makes the new model even more of an embarrassment:

Painful, eh?

Moving on.  Remember we said the Decades ZR1 was the second-best Corvette Hot Wheels has ever done?  This is first:

At first you might think it is an ugly Corvette, with exaggerated features, but go over it again and again.  It is done so perfectly that it becomes the most memorable Corvette in the Hot Wheels canon.  The ROADRCR Greenwood can’t be topped for so many reasons, and as we have said before, it is one of our favorite Hot Wheels, period.

And backwards we go, to James Garner’s COPO, also from the ROADRCR series.  The COPO is a great model, and we thought of showing the Toy Fair model, but instead went with this more understated version:

Which takes us to the best Corvette Super Treasure Hunt ever done, and one that no one can say is ugly.  The 2013 ’62 Corvette Super TH is plain stunning.  That aqua blue over chrome, sitting on those real riders, with that stance.  Dreamy.  And no model photographs better:

And finally, Hot Wheels’ beautiful take on the first Corvette, the ’55, from the Boulevard series.  Like the black Z06, no additional versions needed to be made after this one:

So we are sorry for the C7.R post.  Hopefully this reminds you that Hot Wheels knows their Corvettes…

17 Replies to “The Hot Wheels Corvette C7.R got you down? Never fear, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite HW Vettes…”

  1. The C7.R is a bag of rubbish. Really an embarrassment to the line-up. Thankfully the rest of the Vettes more than make up for it. Thanks for showing them. The Decades ZR1 really looks sweet! I would put it above the Greenwood.

  2. How could they take a perfectly gorgeous racecar and turn it into that monstrosity. The upturned chin, especially next to the C5.R is such a sore thumb. That's ok though. I found the 77 Dodge Mooneyes van, so I'm happy. Sadly not the Treasure Hunt though. But I unknowingly passed on another STH yesterday. I was digging through a bin and saw a Ferrari 599xx, saw it was black and was like oh that's cool.. and set it aside. Only later did I realized it was a STH. My mind was set on finding a Morris Mini. Whoops. Oh well.

  3. The C7R is horrible. But just makes me lose hope in Hot wheels and sports cars. How can i know that, if the Corvette C7 Z06 is released they won't ruin it? What about the 1990 Honda NSX that will be released this year? what if they make it with an upwards chin? seriously: They are ruining cars. The SRT Viper was bad, but what they did to this Corvette is HORRIBLE.

  4. I have to go all out to announce the Speed Machines “Jake” yellow/black C6R 'vette, from the Le Mans Series, was one of the best modern examples ever produced. The graphics were just plain awesome and details were true to life.

    The new C7R looked like it could fit in as a Matchbox directed at the young kiddies. I got my 9 year old [as of last year] son the Speed Machines version and he loves it. I even think he could turn a blind eye to this new C7R. I bet he'd be thrilled to have the new McLaren P1 over the Frankenstein 'vette.

  5. depends, if you are into Corvettes, then yes. I am a big fan. I just wonder: what if they had done this monstruosity to a 2015 Mustang??? The outrage would be a lot more. Seems like there aren't many Corvette guys.

  6. Again, I appeal. Lamley Headquarters, if you don't need it anymore and would want to dispose of it like a prisoner convicted of a crime and indefinite exile as punishment, send the C7.R to me here in Manila.

    Or, wait until Jun Imai (the man who designed the C6.R) gets a hand on the C7.R, and see what's gonna change.

  7. Eh, I'm still not entirely convinced that I like the 2015 Mustang. But if they did a racing version like this, I'd still like it enough to buy the hot wheels version. The only thing that's really out of proportion is the chin spoiler. And I know that lifted chins seem to be a point of contention around here, but I just don't really get why. They don't look that bad to me.

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