It’s Out!! The final batch of Cool Classics, featuring the Datsun 510, 240Z, & Subaru BRAT is now out!

Just a heads up for the multitudes who are interested in this set.  Looks like dealers are getting the last, and most anticipated, batch of Cool Classics.  They are available now at 1StopDiecast:

Hot Wheels Cool Classics L Case

These will be white hot so if you want a set I would jump on it quick, especially at the price they are asking.  These will be hunted like Supers once they hit the stores, so prices are bound to skyrocket.  We are getting a set for sure…

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  1. I just so happened to find them this very afternoon at a Walmart in Ottawa, Canada (Trainyards WM).

    I was shocked, I didn't expect them to make it to pegs of regular retail stores in Canada. I never saw the final couple of waves of either Hot Wheels Boulevards or Flying Customs up here.

    I'm hoping I'll see the penultimate wave of Cool Classics because I really want that Boss Mustang.

  2. I took one photo of the Datsun 240Z at the Walmart immediately after I bought a full set of the L case Cool Classics, but, for complicated reasons too boring to fully explain, I got home earlier Friday evening but the cars were not with me until about an hour ago.

    Here are all 5 of them, freed from their blister pack prisons (and, no, I didn't buy doubles to keep carded) and photographed in my makeshift “colour construction paper on top of clothing dryer” Hot Wheels photography studio:

  3. I was also shopping around at Walmart in Montreal and can't believe I came across the final release of the cool classics. So fast. So I picked up the last 5 cars too. Beautiful cars. I am so surprised but real happy they came out this fast here in Montreal. Love them all but my favs are the Subaru bray and the Datsun 510.

  4. LOL, I bought the Shelby Supersnake for my collection out in Vaughan (in the GTA) not knowing it's even the last case.
    No Chevette or Japanese cars in sight on the pegs. Fine by me, I'm not a JDM/Japanese car fan.

    Might get another Supersnake for customs, but the biggest roadblock is my fears of inkjet cartridges drying out and becoming a paperweight due to lack of use. (~1-2 pages every 2 months)

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