The fantastic R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R from Kyosho…

So what is your favorite Skyline?

That is like asking someone to name their favorite Mustang.  You will get a slew of different answers.

But it is a legit question, and it is a hard one to answer.  The fact is most of our readers are fairly new to the Skyline.  No one will admit it (I loved the Skyline when it was still playing the clubs!), but if they are honest, the Skyline is something new to them, at least compared to other American and European badges.

But no matter who you are, and you have even an ounce of appreciation for the Skyline, you have asked and answered that question.  And frankly, it has probably changed numerous times.  It has for us.  It’s the Hako, of course, unless you count the Kenmeri, but when you really dig deep, it is clearly the DR30, but how can you top the R34, unless you go a couple of steps backward and pick the newly-minted nostalgic, the R32.

It’s impossible, so for we diecast nuts, thankfully we have brands like Kyosho that have gone ahead and produced a whole Skyline set.  And they are all there.  Your Kenmeri, or your Hakosuka, or your DR30, and even your R34 and R32 (plus a GT-R for good measure).

But let’s focus on that R32 GT-R.  We have showcased a few models from the Kyosho Skyline Neo set, and the main difference between this set and the previous Skyline set from several years ago is that these models sport replicas of after-market wheels.  And of all those models, none look better than the three colors of the R32 sitting on white rims:

Those are three sharp models, and outside of the DR30’s these are clearly our favorite Skylines.  In the set.

And even outside of the rims, the colors chosen, along with the accuracy of the casting makes this a great homage to the Skyline everyone and their mother is trying to import over to the States now that it is legal.  Just ask Eric over at JDM Legends.  He fields calls about the R32 GT-R almost daily.

Considering all the demand, it might be easier to pick up a mini version for 8 bucks at Japan Booster. It seems like a logical option to hold you over…

Kyosho R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R (Skyline/GT-R Neo):

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