The Dubai Police Special Vehicles Unit in diecast: The CM Models Lamborghini Aventador…

So is a police force that is not part of a video game series that sports Bugattis and McLarens and GT-R’s and R8’s a little over the top?

Hell yeah, but without it you don’t get this video:

So around here we are ok ensuring our safety to Charger and Interceptor-wielding officers, but we are also thankful Dubai does it the Dubai way.

And if they were willing to get that cool video done, surely they would love to get more replicas out there.  We have seen a few, including this Aventador from what appears to be the now-defunct CM Models, who didn’t see a super car they didn’t like, whether they had a licensing agreement or not.

(You can find the Dubai Police Aventador for sale here.)

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