THIS is the proper Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Evo Super TH…

It is no secret some shenanigans happen at the Hot Wheels factory.

This is not a post about that.  This is a post about the upcoming Hot Wheels Mitsubishi Evo Super TH.

The only reason we bring up the shenanigans is because many times photos are sneaked with the incorrect wheels.  We have started calling them the “factory customs”.  We don’t like it, because when photos emerge, we have no idea if what we are seeing is the correct model or not.

That happened with the Evo.  Photos started spilling everywhere, but with the incorrect wheels.  We passed along the news that the Evo was coming, but we knew the photo was incorrect.

Well, finally we have the proper model with its proper shoes:

Ugh.  Maybe those “factory custom” wheels would have been the better choice.  Oh well, at least we now know what he Evo will look like…

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  1. Charles Ng's maximum Attack G37 Formula D car sits on blue Rays 57Xtreme wheels. This Hot Wheels, although an Evo, appears to be a replica of that real world build and livery.

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