The Kyosho Bentley Collection is now out at Japan Booster…

These are not sticking around long…

We got the word yesterday from our friends at Japan Booster that the Kyosho Bentley Collection arrived, and before we could even put a link up on Facebook, the Continental GT3 had already sold.

That was expected.  Ever since the Bentley Series was announced, the GT3 has gotten a load of buzz.  It is hard to ignore:

But there are plenty others, and if you keep checking in, we promise more GT3’s will pop up.  Just be ready to pounce.  You can find the listings, including an opportunity to buy the whole set, here:

Kyosho Bentley Collection at Japan Booster

We have our eyes on a few of these, most notably the GT3 (surprise!) and the Turbo R.  What about you?

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